z-edge z3 Review: The Best Car Dash Cam in Budget

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4.0/5 on July 26, 2017

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2,149 reviews


  1. Has a wide camera view angle
  2. Easy to install
  3. Easy to operate
  4. Allows for multiple recording modes
  5. Has an automatic G-sensor and can detect vibrations automatically


  1. It has a short battery life for its rechargeable battery
  2. Gives a muffled audio if you record in the full HD mode


If you are looking for a high-quality dashboard camera that comes with enhanced features, search no further.

Z-edge z3 camera is a stylish dash cam with unique features as compared to other cameras in the same budget bracket.

Enjoy top quality HD recordings as you cruise peacefully to work. The camera has safety features that record everything on the road for up to four hours.

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The z-edge z3 dash cam comes with all modern features that enhance your recording of events as you drive.

The wide camera angle allows it to capture many things at a go. It also provides a clear view of the HD videos because it comes with a full 2k HD video recording feature.

It’s easy to install the z-edge z3, and it has all necessary features of a basic dash camera. Whether you are a first time or an experienced user you shouldn’t worry because operating this camera is easy and doesn’t require technical know-how.

The only disadvantages are the muffled voice that you get especially if you record in full HD Mode and the battery life.

However, these two inconveniences cannot outweigh the benefits of having this unique gadget. This dash cam is a high quality and durable camera that comes with all unique features as per the advertisements.

Design and Hardware

The z-edge z3 camera produces top quality images and great videos in a full format regardless of the exposure to outdoor light.

Its operation is reliable and automatic, so you don’t worry about how to start and switch it off. The camera has been designed to start recording every time you start your car. One great feature is the absence of pricey requirements such as WI-FI and GPS.

The Ultra 2k HD image feature enables you to record videos in a super-resolution of 30 frames per second. It has an energy-saving LCD screen timer that turns it off when not If use.

The LCD measures 3.0 inches and is scratch resistant, unlike other windscreen cameras. It also allows loop recording which ensures you continue recording even with limited memory or space on the memory disk.

The hardware of this gadget is so unique and has a G-sensor that triggers recording when it detects a crash or vibrations. The camera locks the videos automatically on detection of a collision or attempted burglary.

This camera is designed based on a high-quality processor called Ambarella A7. This processor makes the camera produce a high-quality seamless recording. Its color image sensor (OV4689) captures the videos in a high resolution (1296P)

It has Kingston SD memory card with 32 GB, a simple solid mount and a screw-in attachment that enables you to adjust the viewing.


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z-edge z3 review

Color Sensor (CMOS): The z-edge z3 dash cam has a color sensor that captures high definition videos. The sensor captures clear videos at a faster rate of 30 frames in every second. The videos are better even with inadequate lighting.

Loop Recording And Multiple Recording Modes: The camera allows you to continue recording even when the memory card fills up. The new videos will write the old videos that aren’t locked. Relevant videos such as the ones recorded before a crash remain protected.

You can’t lose them when the memory card fills up. You also have an option of recording using the highest or lowest resolution.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and Low Light Compensation: The z-edge z3 dash camera utilizes its low light compensation, full dynamic range and night vision to produce great videos. The WDR enhances more excellent coverage between the dark and bright areas of the recording.

Car start Detection: The gadget automatically detects and turns on when you start your vehicle and turns off a few minutes after turning off the engine. It saves you the time of restarting it every time you want to use it. It also ensures you record everything hassle-free.

G-Sensor And Automatic Detection Of Vibrations: Like other 2016 dashboard cams, the dash camera comes with a G-Sensor that detects when your vehicle is involved in a collision. The camera locks the video with the crash recording thereby preserving the evidence of what happened before the accident.

Additionally, the G- Sensors also detect vibrations. This record is useful especially in cases of vandalism. It serves as the parking-lot watchman and records all burglary attempts.

Wide Camera View Angle: This device has a wide camera view angle that captures a broader range of your immediate surroundings. This feature enables you to see a full view of the happenings on the road in case of an accident. Most standard windscreen cams have wide view angles.

Easy to install Mount: The dashboard camera comes with a swivel suction mount that you only need to attach to your windshield or dashboard. It’s easy to position the camera at the desired position and start recording.

Although the camera has long battery life, it also comes with charging cable which you only need to plug in the car charger.

Battery and Compatibility

Although The z-edge z3 comes with desirable features, its greatest undoing is the short life battery. The battery allows you to record only up to four hours after which you need to recharge.

Luckily, the camera has a charging cable that you connect the car charger and continue recording. You can also record for longer hours at a low resolution.

Is Z-edge Z3 Dash Cam Worth the Investment?

Maybe you are still undecided about whether to buy the dash cam and still need to compare with other models. Well, this product offers more than its retailing value. It gives value for your investment.

One of the reviews from a user advised against using 64B SanDisk ULTRA card with this camera because it has a lower ‘write speed’ which slows down the normal functioning of the z-edge z3 dash cam.

I believe this camera is worth the price and is more useful as compared to similar products in the same price range. Don’t believe our review, have a look what others are saying about this product