WheelWitness HD PRO Review: Built in Advanced Driver Assistance

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4.5/5 on January 15, 2018

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1. High video and audio quality that captures every minute detail.

2. Serves as key evidence during traffic disputes or vehicle clashes.

3. Built-in Advanced Driver Assistance.

4. Simple to set up.


1. The mount’s thumb screw strips too easily.

2. Continuous Loop Recording which automatically deletes oldest files when memory is full.


Dash cameras have grown to become a very vital and needed item for car owners. This is so because of the increase in accidents, criminality, and so on.

For these same reasons, you should also get a very high-quality Dash camera for your car. Worry not about which you should go for.

The WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam is just the perfect one for you. Find in this review all you need to know about this dash cam.

You must have come across some dash cams that were cheaply made with low-quality materials. However, this WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam is a difference. It gives you a lightweight yet long lasting camera.

Ability to capture traffic stops is one of the important roles a dashboard camera should play. In fact, a good dash cam should capture every necessary thing.

Perhaps, it is that little image that will help bring clarity to a crash case. Buy this WheelWitness pro HD car cam and it will surely play that important role for you.

WheelWitness HD PRO

Built & Design

Don’t be deceived by its lightweight plastic build. That same light feeling plastic is actually the strong one. A beautiful grey colored cam that is made to last long. Its dimensions are 3.9 inches by 1.2 inches by 1.9 inches.

The dash cam has a mount that can be easily attached to your car windscreen. It is designed to automatically power on and start recording once it senses power. Also, once power is cut off, cam automatically goes off.

Another good thing about the design of this dash cam is that it does not fail even during the summer. The camera still works well under direct sunlight.


Memory: Having long road trips are quite enjoyable. The new places, animals and things you get to see for the first time in your life. These memories are always cherished. You might want to keep them.

This is exactly why having a cam with a large memory that can accommodate all your recordings isn’t a bad idea. At least your cam shouldn’t only be for the negatives- accidents or theft.

This Night Vision Dashboard Camera comes with a 16 GB microSD. With this, your recordings can be kept safe. For court proof presentation or for reminiscences, this 16GB microSD will be just right.

Resolution: This is 2018 people! You certainly should not settle for a low-resolution dash cam. 1080 pixel HD should be the least you settle for.

Nonetheless, this extra wide-angle lens featuring dash cam comes with 2560×1080 / 2306x1296P HD. This is the highest resolution you can currently get on any dash cam. You will certainly get the most detail with this resolution.

The dash cam also comes with an extra wide angle lens of 170 degrees. With this, you can capture almost everything you have happening in front of your vehicle. It also has an H.264 encoding.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR): For you to appreciate this feature, then you have to understand what it really means. Dynamic range means a difference in lighting.

In a more simpler way, it is when a part of an image is extremely dark while another part is extremely bright. This makes it impossible to see details of such image clearly.

As a matter of fact, you might even see nothing. WDR technology helps with this. With this technology, lighting balancing occurs for one clear image.

The WDR technology also allows you get the best night video. Cameras with WDR have advanced sensors. They can darken light areas or lighten dark areas.

Hence, the WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam is a Night Vision Dashboard Camera, thanks to its WDR technology. A technology that separates the great dash cam from the average ones.

GPS Enabled: A GPS – to a dash cam – is a plus. With a GPS, you won’t only have a record of events but also a record of where they happened. You can also record your speed and trail routes.

In case of crash cases, you can prove your innocence by showing the judge you weren’t overspending. Why not add this Dash Cam with GPS to your next purchase list and be glad you did.

Plug & Play: Using this dash cam is super easy. First, you have to insert a microSD into your cam. Then the camera should be plugged into the cigarette lighter outlet. That is it! Your camera will start recording automatically.

Continuous Loop Recording: Why worry about wiping out your dash cam memory each time it gets full? You see, this camera does not only automatically power on and off when necessary, it also automatically wipes out the oldest recordings from the microSD when the memory gets filled up. This provides room for new recordings without you going through any stress.

However, be sure to transfer needed files to another safe storage in order not to lose them. You can keep them on your computer or a larger drive.

One plus Extra 2 Mounts: Do you have multiple vehicles? Are you tired of always moving your mount from one vehicle to another whenever you’re traveling with a different vehicle? Well then, the WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam is the most suitable for you.

This dash cam comes with 3 mounts- 2 of which are the sticky types and 1 a suction cup. Fix these in three different vehicles of your choice and enjoy a beautiful dash cam experience.

ADAS: Thanks to the Advanced Driver Assistance System that this cam features, you get alerted once you’re drifting off lane. Your Safety is guaranteed!

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Conclusion: Is the WheelWitness HD PRO Recommended?

Having a dash cam with Ambarella A7LA50 Car Security DVR combined with 170 degrees extra wide angle lens gives you a perfect dash cam you can ever get. This is a lot coming from WheelWitness. You should go for a dash cam that will serve you.

For evidence and memory capturing sake, we highly recommend this dash cam for you. Get one and be glad you did.