VAVA Dash Cam Review: Most Versatile Car Dash Cam

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4.5/5 on March 27, 2018

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360 reviews


1. Well Designed

2. User-Friendly

3. Nicely Formatted App

4. Includes GPS Module


1. Hypersensitive

2. A Little Pricey


The VAVA Dash Cam affords a pleasant presentation, providing a simple, minimalist design and superb video quality. This camera also maintains a 320mah battery that allows the camera to continue working even when the car engine is off.

It would be difficult to find a dashcam that provides the same quality as well as the magnetic mount for a better price; once you tried it, it's hard to go back to something different.

Have you dreamed of the ability to consistently grab footage and analysis all while it is happening–during actual-time? If that’s been something, you wished for it has now been provided to you by VAVA Dash Cam has excellent clarity, it is safe to use and provides a magnetic Mount connection without cumbersome somatic buttons that you could touch.

Built & Design

This installation arrangement is effortless to install. The dashcam has a cylinder shape with a thin lens that barely comes forward; it also has a magnet in the center which allows you to attach it to the mount. The magnetic suction mount allows the camera to rotate for a full 360 degrees capturing any rearward external or internal action that needs to preserve.

VAVA Dash Cam

The mount is super sticky and can attract quite a bit of trash, particles, and dust. The magnet grip is powerful, and holes in place over speed bumps holes in the road and unexpected rough patches. The apparatus design is quite remarkable for the dash camera market.

Because there any buttons to push pull or turn it can prove to be perplexing initially but, it’s impeccable. If for some reason the camera is dropped and needs to be cleaned only use a cloth and warm water without soap.


Mobile App: The well construed mobile app allows the owner to arrange the features of the menu within a few swipes. The camera turns on and off whenever the adapter pulls power from the vehicle. The app provides practical information concerning the ends and outs of the dash cam.

It allows easy accessibility to the owner manual, the installation guide and it connects you to all of your videos and photos, a travel log and necessary updates are all available from your smartphone.

GPS: As a part of the package of Dash Cam GPS is included. When the dash cams connected to the micro USB cable, it will provide and log the location of the vehicle. It can also give the car/truck speed which is at the bottom of the video screen. The ability to enable voice recording is a feature; and on the off chance that you don’t want to use any of these features, all can be disabled.

Remote Control: One of the things that What day is VAVA dash cam is the remote control. The idea behind the remote control is to use it on those prayer times when the driver would like to trigger manually are recording or take a screen Shots of Of an image.

When the dash cams pressed or pushed, it takes a photograph when it’s mashed and held for a few seconds a video would start to shoot. It is possible to listen to feedback audibly, and when that happens, it provides it provides clear footage in 1080p HD quality.

Camera: Pristine defined footage that automatically saves all footage if you need to brake or if your cars hit unexpectedly. The camera has a built-in G-sensor. 360° which cover up to four or five lanes of traffic. If you leave your car in a parking garage, on the street or unattended the camera still captures images at least thirty days.

It’s important to remember the recording of old material is written over unless you go into the settings and manually save the content.

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Note that Worth: The VAVA Dash Cam Worth its Investment?

The camera is a beautiful option when searching for a dash camera with a ton of perks. The design is supreme, the video quality is terrific, and it is well worth the price.