Vantrue N2 Review: Extremely Useful for Professional Drivers

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3.9/5 on August 9, 2017

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446 reviews


1. Records both front and rear

2. Has a functional GPS option

3. Has a stable suction cup

4. Easy installation.


1. Rear camera lacks the night vision.

2. The mounting system may not function well


The Vantrue N2 dual dash cam is a unique dash cam that allows you to record both parts of the road as you drive. With this camera, you are sure to capture everything happening on the road.

This device is a complete dashboard camera that comes with two digital cameras. You can opt to activate one or use both at the same time.

This vantrue n2 dash cam gives you extra assurance if you get involved in a crash because it captures the happenings on the whole road. Both cameras have advanced sensors that detect when the vehicle gets involved in an accident.

You also enjoy full viewing offered by both the rear and front cameras. The front camera views at an angle of 170 degrees whereas the rear camera records at 140 degrees.

This camera is ideal for motorists who want to add a dashboard camera to their vehicle. It has all features necessary for a security camera including the gravity sensor (G-Sensor) and parking detection mode.

This feature allows you to capture the events leading to theft, vandalism or even accident. You also benefit from its 1080 recording that captures all angles due to its wider viewing feature. You are assured of a clear video when using the camera.

This camera is a worthy investment for those who value their cars and safety on the road. Even though it lacks some features in common with the modern cameras, it still guards your car when in the parking lot.

The camera functions well when used with a 32 GB SD card. This reason implies that you must download the daily videos to give room for continuous recording. This gadget has a looping feature that protects the locked videos. If you decide to have an affordable dual camera, I would suggest this one.

Design & Hardware

The dash cam comes with a front and rear camera that produces high quality and smooth video. The front camera records full HD 1080P videos while the rear camera covers An impressive recording of 720P.

Additionally, its front camera has a wider view of 170 degrees while the rear cam captures a view of 140 degrees. It comes with a High Dynamic Range (HDR) that enables it to record clearly in areas with different light intensities. This feature assures you of hassle-free recording during night-time driving or when driving under the tunnel.

The camera has a TFT display measuring 1,5 inches which enable you to view explicit videos. Unlike other models, this dash cam has an adjustable built-in G-sensor which detects an abrupt change in motion. This camera auto-locks the video recorded before the crash thus providing sufficient information in the event of an accident.

The Dual camera has a loop recording feature where it continues to record even when the memory becomes full. Remember that this feature allows it to overwrite the oldest videos.

It’s imperative to lock all relevant videos to avoid losing them. You don’t have a reason to get worried about turning on this camera. The gadget auto starts with the car and stops when you turn off the engine.

Vantrue N2


Mini Dual Camera: It has two small cameras, one facing the back and the other facing the front. The dual camera mode enables it to capture the events ahead, the cabin and the back of the car. The front camera records in full HD resolution which provide high-quality videos. The front camera has an infrared light mode and excellent night vision that enables you to drive and record freely at night.

Extra Full Recording Angles: The vantrue n2 dual dash cam has wide viewing angles consisting of 170 degrees external and 140-degree interior. It functions well without any fisheye distortion. You can adjust the rear cam for a perfect view of all happenings on the road.

Super Sensitive G-Sensor: The vantrue n2 camera has an adjustable G-sensor which detects collision or crash automatically. Any detected impact closes the video to safeguard the evidence in the case of an accident. You can also lock your important videos manually to protect them from getting overwritten when the memory fills up.

Loop Recording: This camera offers seamless recording as you drive to and from work. Sometimes you can forget to download the recorded video thereby reducing the amount of space for saving new videos. This camera overwrites the old recordings to create room for new videos. Here is another loop recording dash cam

Dual Parking Modes: The front and rear cameras record everything that happens next to your car. The cameras must be triggered by motion before they start recording. You can set the time limit for parking mode recording to preserve the battery. Recording starts when there is a movement towards the car and stops as soon as it detects no movement.

Battery & Compatibility

The battery used in this camera serves only when the vehicle is in parking mode. When the recording takes place as you drive, the camera uses the car power. This camera can record for a record 4 hours before sending the ‘battery low’ warning.

Note that Worth: Does the Vantrue N2 worth its investment?

Although some users complain that the price of the dash come is expensive, the many features make it worth the investment. Buying this camera saves you money because you get two cameras at the price of one. The compact size makes it invisible and thus protects you as you drive.

The updated version also operates between 32 to 158 degrees. Your decision to buy Vantrue n2 dual dash cam will be the first step towards ensuring your road safety. Don’t believe me, have a look what others are saying about this product.