Thinkware F770 Review: Super Night Vision Dash Cam

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4.0/5 on August 15, 2017

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  1. Thinkware F770 comes with a rear view option.
  2. Thinkware F770 built-in GPS and Wifi.
  3. It has a parking mode feature with a permanent installation.
  4. It’s easy to mount.


  1. The camera doesn’t have a super HD resolution.
  2. It doesn’t come with a suction cup.


The Thinkware F770 is one of the latest models in the Dash cam industry that records clear videos as you drive to and from work.

This camera has both the front and rear camera options. Although it lacks a screen, this device comes with many extensive and useful features that are worth mentioning.

The rear camera provides clear footage because of its powerful sensor and lens. It has a built-in GPS that stores your location and time you can access this information using a desktop app or Smartphone. You can also download updated software to make your camera more efficient.

Having the thinkware F770 dash cam has many advantages to all road users. Cameras act as the extra eyes that record everything happening on the road. Many videos of accidents are made available by the dash cameras.

Installing the Thinkware F770 dashboard camera affords you the opportunity to monitor your movements for your safety. The camera helps you identify the license plates of any vehicle that trails you, thereby keeping you safe.

There are many cases of accidents where car owners lose compensation due to lack of enough evidence. We even have cases where drivers get penalized for mistakes they never committed, but because they do not have an eyewitness; they are prosecuted and even jailed.

Imagine if a hit and run case where your car gets smashed by a reckless driver who speeds away after the incident. Picture a situation where your teenage son takes your car without permission only for it to get involved in an accident.

The possibility of winning these cases doesn’t depend on eyewitness but a quality dash cam. Installing this rear camera helps you document every event as it happens.

The camera provides footage and photos of the events that led to the accident. This camera has a feature that warns you when you approach the car in front too closely.

It also notifies you when you stray from your lane. This device also gives an audio message when the car ahead of you moves in a traffic queue.

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Thinkware F770 dash cam review

Design and Hardware

You can either install the F770 dash camera permanently or as a removable gadget. This dash camera has a powerful Sony Exmor sensor plus a 2.19-megapixel resolution. Unlike other Thinkware products, this device lacks the Super HD resolution but provides a Full HD 1060 P at 30 FPS.

The front camera shoots at 9.5 Mbps with an optional audio function. However, if you attach a rearview camera, you will capture the videos at less than 8 Mbps. The videos quality of this device rates among the top ever produced by dash cams.

It has a noise reduction feature and a feature that enables it o adapts the colors in the environment. The resulting footage is clear and audible than that of other models.

The rear view camera gives great footage give that it has a powerful sensor and extra lens. The camera works well with Smart Phones and tablets which enhance secure transfer of data.

The looping feature enables the camera to record continuously even when the SD card fills up. This camera comes with a micro SD card of 32 GB which gets full quickly due to the recording resolution and length of the video.

The looping feature allows the camera to overwrite the old videos thus creating room for new incoming clips.


Robust Sensors: These sensors include a gravity sensor which detects an impact or accident when your car’s motion changes. The G-sensor activates the recording mode a few minutes before and after an accident.

The camera locks the recorded video automatically to protect it from getting written over. The sensor also detects a drop in voltage and turns off the camera if the voltage drops past a set limit.

This feature protects the battery from getting drained. The super-sensitive parking sensors monitor the vehicle when in a car park. It activates the camera to start recording when it senses motion near the car.

Speed Camera Alerts: The dash cam warns you when you drive too close to the vehicle ahead of you. It also gives a notification when you stray from your lane. It monitors your speed and signals you when you over-speed.

Wi-Fi: The F770 comes with Wi-Fi accessibility which allows you to download and install useful apps. The process is simple and only requires you to press the WI-Fi button on the camera to activate the wireless signal.

You then use your smartphone to search for network and enter the password. The smartphone app enables you to monitor the recordings and positions the camera correctly.

GPS Function: As you record the videos of your journeys, the camera indicates the locations and time when you passed there. It comes with a built-in GPS that stores your location alongside your videos.

Rear View Camera Option: The device allows for connection of the rearview camera on the primary camera. The two cameras start and end their recordings at the same time. You don’t have to configure each separately as they function similarly.

Tthinkware F770 App Settings

Here is the PC software and smartphone app for thinkware F770 you can directly download by click.

Windows Mac Firmware Android IOS

Battery & Compatibility

The camera uses direct car power in most of the time. You should only use the built-in battery during emergencies or when you pack the car. Use the camera within the specified temperatures to elongate the life of the camera battery.

Does Worth Thinkware F770 Dash Cam?

The device has excellent image qualities and many features lacking in other models. The rear view camera plays an important role when recording your road adventures.

Buying this camera leaves you with two capable cameras at the prices of one. The factors justify the retailing price of this worthy commodity. The f770 dash cam saves money, life and time.

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