Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 Review: Full HD GPS Dash Cam

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4.2/5 on January 2, 2018

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89 reviews


1. Has the best Sony IMX 322 for a night performance

2. Has sharply shaped lenses for better capturing and quality

3. Protective metallic lenses

4. Has Novatek NT9665 CPU


1. Short GPS cord

2. Less accommodation on the windscreen


When it comes to vehicle camera, do you ever feel that you deserve way more than you are currently predisposed to in your car?

Well, the good news is here, and the SG9665GC v3 has taken your driving and adventure experience to the next level of fun and safety.

Driving is never complete without GPS. The street guardian SG9665GC Firmware is designed to equip the Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 with the best available advanced technology in GPS functionality to the extent of capturing the location of your vehicle in places that no GPS has ever done before.

Are you looking to capture thousands of images within the shortest time possible and storing them safely for better future use, go no further because the SG9665GC v3 dashboard camera comes with a free 32 GB micro SD card.

To top it all off, no place on earth will you be able to find all of the features of the SG9665GC v3 with such an affordable price and a smaller size that is convenient for all types of users across the board.

Built & Design

The Street Guardian SG9665 v3 is convenient regarding its size as despite being small in size, it is one of the mightiest cameras that is capable of capturing high-end HD videos that can be played in MP4 Format.

The Novatek latest CPU version comes with an even better model of sensors from Sony IMX 322 version CMOS that has seven foundations including a cut filter capability.

Excellent night vision performance is facilitated by the presence of 1080 pixels and an additional 32 GB free micro SD card for ideal storage of images. Has a hardened and heatproof screen that is 5.5 Inches to better the viewing from both up close and farther views.


Street Guardian SG9665GC v3

Video and Audio: The best driving cameras for cars keep getting better, and this SG9665GC v3 dash cam review enables video files to be played in MOV and MP4 files. The audio is captured using highly sensitive microphone data signals. The data that are recorded can be stored in an inbuilt 32 GB micro SD card.

GSM technology: The SG9665GC v3 uses Novatek 96655 Processor. It supports an internal 32 GB that is provided free of charge during the first acquisition. It also uses 15m bit H. 264 recording which is heightened by the state of art audio and microphone receptors that help to trap and attract signals of sound.

Built-in Microphone and Speaker: The Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 has an extra microphone that has the objection of trapping any sound while shooting videos.

The speaker is used to play the music that is recorded while the shooting was taking place. Additionally, the speaker can be converted into an audio output that plays the recorded videos through the system of the car.

Connected GPS: It is GPS enabled with the lasts and most advanced technology used in recording GPS location data. Ideally, the speed, as well as the coordinates of each of the file that you shoot or record, are usually automatically logged into the system every time you get into action.

An advanced GPS technology that can be able to track cars both in motion and when stationary. Even better, when the car comes out of a tunnel, the signal gets stronger and creates a data map and exact location that the car went past.

Connected Smartwatch: The camera is smartwatch enabled which can connect to both Android and Windows devices. They show the real time according to various time zones as selected by you.

Storage: The good thing about purchasing this camera is that the first few trail images are all taken care of regarding storage and security. To prove this fact, consider the idea that the G-Sensor has an automatic lock that is designed to protect any image against accidental deleting.

Power and Battery:This security dash camera has a capacitor that enables it to operate under all types of weather conditions without necessarily having to interfere with the quality of the pictures and images captured. It can maintain or instead store power as opposed to other versions of the same model and different car cameras.

Note that Worth: Does the price of the street guardian SG9665GC v3 reflect its quality?

The question above is one of the frequently asked questions, primarily because, with technological brands, a better advancement is usually just around the corner.

However, with the case of the SG9665GC v3, they good news is that there is no place on earth where you will be able to find a camera this size, this light, this powerful and this reliable all in one with pocket-friendly prices.

Ideally, because it is safe to conclude the fact that the welfare of the buyers is part of the consideration of its price.

Even better, when this type of vehicle camera is compared to other cameras that perform an equally impressive role, what comes out is that its competing devices are either too big for vehicle dash cameras or too expensive for that matter.