Rexing V1LG Review: Captures and Transmit Footage in Real Time

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4/5 on June 4, 2018

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1. Bring along greater returns to the amounts invested
2. Captures images both at the front and the rear ends
3. Pretty effective at capturing, storing, and transmitting footage
4. Exudes great aesthetics to your car’s interior


1. Requires plenty of space to install
2. Quite costly and out of reach of many deserving persons


If you are on the lookout for the right dashboard camera, look no further than the Rexing V1LG camera. As you are about to see, the camera has all the features, parts, and functionalities that are necessary and proper for a good job.

Among a host of these advantages is the fact that you will capture every moment with almost no input on your part. You will also enjoy the advantage of streaming the footage to remote servers instantaneously.

A dashboard camera is a small and compact camera that fits the dashboard area of your car. Once installed, it captures, records, and transmits footage in real time. It can also play back recorded footage at a later date. This camera is great for adventure, surveillance, and long distance travels.

The Rexing V1LG camera which is the subject of this review is one such dashboard camera. We are going to examine its parts, features, components, and other parameters that impact its suitability for the job.


The camera is built to last. It indeed embodies some elegant design and construction techniques which make it all the more suited for capturing and transmitting images. In all, it features a discreet design which hides it from the view of a third party. Its color camouflages with the dashboard making it almost impossible to recognize just by looking.

Other than being discreet, its design is also signature in the sense that it is unique and exhibited by no other. Its oblong shape, elegant screen, and breathtaking appearance are unique to it alone. By choosing to own this camera, you stand to gain a sense of prestige and class. This is over and above being able to enjoy its other benefits as well.

Given the constantly changing nature of the dashboard cameras, there is need to keep pace with the latest technology and trends. The manufacturer of this camera understands this only too well. That is why it generates and undertakes regular firmware updates. You will not have to dispose of it in favor of newer ones as is the case with other cameras of its kind.

Rexing V1LG


HD Dual Channel: Unlike most cameras, this one is two-in-one. It has a front and rear lens both of which record and transmits images at the same time. Moreover, the image quality that is recorded is superb. This is not to mention that it also transmits and stores images remotely.

Ultra Wide Angle Lens: The camera has a pretty wide field of view. It can as a matter of fact capture images within the range of 170°. This wide viewing angle means that no crucial detail is left out at all. It also generates balanced images by making necessary adjustments.

Loop Recording: With this camera, you will be able to record images and transmit the same to a remote server instantaneously. This is owing to the loop recording capability. For this reason, you will be able to capture and record images indefinitely and without the fear of being constrained by storage space.

Auto on/off: You will not have to switch the camera on and off. This is because it has the ability to detect whether your car is moving or not. Immediately it senses motion, it switches on. It also switches off immediately it senses that your care is stationary.

Built-in GPS Logger: Over and above capturing images, this camera also labels, marks the timing and date, denotes the location, and provides the information about the speed of the car at the time of the shooting. It does all this courtesy of the built-in GPS logger. This makes it convenient for you to retrieve and interpret the stored data.

Collision Sensing: Lastly, the camera has the ability to sense obstacles that are found in the path of your car. Immediately it does so, it sends an alert to you. It simultaneously locks your current video to keep it safe from any possible damages. You boost your safety on the road by opting for this camera.

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Battery & Compatibility

To leverage the benefits of this camera, you have to make several arrangements. For one, you have to set aside some space that measures at least 13 inches long by 13 inches tall by 3 inches wide. This space can be the top of the dashboard or at the top mirror.

You also have to acquire an in-car charging cable (no less than 12feet). This is to enable you to charge the rear camera conveniently. This cable also transmits the footage to the screen for subsequent interpretation.

Though not a must, you may also think of acquiring the Rexing Hardwire Kit for V1LG. This is basically a set of spare parts which you may attach to the camera. They extend the range of uses to which the camera may be put.

Of course, you cannot even think of carrying out these installations without proper guidance and instructions. A user manual fulfills this need perfectly well. It shows you how to undertake each step of the installation process. It also contains a series of instructions to guide you throughout your use of the camera.


You do not have to possess great technical skills to be able to install and operate the gadget. It is manufactured in a simple and easy to use form. The same case also applies to the mounting process. The front camera mounts on the dashboard whereas the rear camera mounts on top of the back seat.

If you like, you might want to make use of the rear camera extension cable that measures 20 feet long. This is to extend the range of the camera. The 3M adhesive mount tape, on the other hand, will help you to fasten the cable and other components onto the mounting surfaces.

Note that Worth: Is the Rexing V1LG Truly Reliable?

YES, the camera is indeed reliable. Its hard and durable design, comprehensive functionality as well as the frequent and regular firmware updates make it so. What’s more? It is backed by a robust customer care service. You certainly do not want to miss out on its benefits, do you? Grab it as soon as you possibly can!