Rexing V1 Review: A Wide Angle Dashboard Camera

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4.1/5 on September 11, 2017

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1. It doesn’t require a mount.

2. Produces Vibrant and colorful images.

3. Has a large TFT for a perfect display of recordings.

4. Has 170 wide viewing angle which allows it to capture everything in front of the vehicle.


1. Some users’ complained of getting a buzzing sound every few minutes of the recording especially when connected through a splitter instead of a cigarette lighter.

2. The plastic material used melts in scorching weather.


Rexing V1 is a very affordable dash cam with many features that distinguish it as the best device. It’s the only dash camera within its budget bracket that record clear videos in 1080p Resolution.

It also produces clear photos of an amazing with of 170 degrees. Most cameras with such features cost four times more than what you pay for the dash cam.

This reason explains why it ranks among the most bought Rexing V1 dash cams on Amazon. The wedge shape of this device makes it easy to place it behind the mirror.

It also gives excellent shots and clips during both the day and night. You don’t have to worry about the quality of your photos anymore because this product delivers as expected.

Installation of this gadget is as easy as ABC. It saves you the time and money you would have spent mounting other sophisticated dash cams.

Why Rexing V1 Dash Cam?

Many modern motorists have installed dash cameras because of many reasons. You are sure of your security and can easily notice if someone trails you. You shouldn’t wait to get involved in an accident before buying a dash camera.

Imagine a situation where a careless driver rams into your car and vanishes. You will be forced to spend a lot repairing your vehicle. Sometimes you can get involved in an accident, but the driver on the wrong decides to frame you.

You end up paying extra money for a mistake you never committed. It becomes worse when the insurance company refuses to compensate you on the grounds of insufficient evidence.

You also bear other unforeseen expenses in the form of police fines. The dashboard camera provides clear records of events that happened before and after an accident.

You will get evidence in the form of photos and videos detailing every event that occurred before the crash. This camera has many features that enable you to drive without the fear of who is watching you.

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Rexing V1 Dash Cam review

Design and Hardware

The dash cam comes with many features such as an optional rear camera and an allowance for GPS services. It has a super night vision and a wide Dynamic Range (WDR).

This feature enables you to record flawless videos in places with different light intensities. The device is wedge-shaped and has a compact size which makes it discrete. The 6-layer glass lens records all events within the camera’s view.

These clips include the minor ones that can be left out when using other dash cam models. It’s recommended to use this device within temperature ranges of -20 degrees to 70 degrees. The camera records using videos using the MOV format and shoots photos in a JPG format.

It has a view angle of 170 degrees which makes it easy to document different shapes both in the presence of light and darkness. The footage from this camera is clear because of its high resolution. It has a maximum resolution of 1920×1080 at 30 fps.

It supports 32 GB cards thereby enabling you to record uninterrupted for a long time. The Rexing also indicates date and time on the videos thus making it possible to document each recording and the specific date and time of recording.

One unique feature of this dash cam is the automatic G-sensor that detects a change in motion. It also guards your car when parked. The loop recording enables continuous video-taking even when the memory card fills up.

The lock-file button allows you to lock your videos during an emergency. The gadget comes with a 320Ah Li-ion battery which lasts for more than four hours. You ought not to worry because the device has internal microphone and speaker.

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Records Full HD: The Rexing V1 records full HD videos at a resolution of 1080 pixels. It creates vivid images of what is ahead on the road as you cruise to work in the morning. The pictures are much clear as compared to other models within the same budget bracket.

The approximate recording time on a 32 GB memory card is approximately 10 hours. That means you can record events for the whole day before checking the memory card.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR): The device has a wide dynamic range which adjusts its settings to produce clear photos in any atmosphere. It’s because of this feature that the dash cam provides clear photos regardless of the light intensity.

Additionally, you get enough room for capturing more videos and storing more data due to this device’s Wide angle Lens. The lenses enable your camera to pick up more valuable detail on the road as you drive.

Robust Sensors: The dash cam comes with a powerful Sony Exmor sensor that produces top quality footage both during the day and night. It identifies the dark areas in the footage and modifies them t create a clear video.

It also comes with a G-Sensor which detects a collision and automatically locks the footage of what happens before and after the accident. This footage comes handy when proving your innocence in a court of law, or when fighting for compensation from your insurer.

Loop Recording: The looping feature enables the camera to record continuously even when the memory card fills up. The camera overwrites your old video to create room for a new recording.

You don’t have to worry about losing your memorable clips because you can lock them manually to protect them from getting overwritten.

Supports up to 128 GB: The dash cam supports up to 128 GB which provides enough space for continuous recording. You can optimize your storage efficiently by replacing the small GB card bought with this camera. However, you must format the SD card before using to attain maximum results.

Superior Design: The camera is lightweight and small which makes it discrete. You can capture all events on the road without getting noticed. The lightweight ensures your safety because it’s dangerous to have heavy objects on your windshield.

You should always the camera in recommended temperature ranges. It operates at a temperature of 140 degrees. You should store it at 160 degrees to enhance its durability.

Battery & Compatibility

The Rexing VI dash cam comes with a 320mAh Li-ion battery which works for four hours of uninterrupted recording. It’s advisable to plug into the car power through the cigarette lighter when driving. The battery serves when you park your car or during emergencies.

Note that Worth: Can The Rexing V1 Dash Cam Be Perfect One?

The camera speaks for itself. The many features associated with this device make it worth the investment. It retails at a lower price compared to other models with similar features. Don’t believe me, have a look what others are saying about this product.