Rexing S300 Review: Capture Anything Even Dark Winter Nights

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4.5/5 on September 27, 2017


1. Has an HDMI port

2. Has a large 2.7-inch screen

3. Has advanced CPU

4. Compatible with multiple GPS add-on modules


1. Included SD card is only 16 GB


REXING S300 is among one of the best car cam available on the market. It comprises of quality features that making your video viewing experience that much more enjoyable.

With countless of models and brands available on the market, finding the Rexing S300 dash cam pro can be a tiring task. the car dash camera is among one of the best models available.

It is armed with tons of incredible features all at an affordable price. Here, we shall take an in-depth look at the Rexing-S300’s features such as its design, specifications, features, and so much more. Let’s get to it.


You’ll be able to have a 170-degree view of the scenery outside thus giving you better control of your vehicle.

This model benefits the driver as well – since its recording abilities contain a 30 FPS, this cam can catch more images giving a viewer multiple angles ensuring that every moment is captured.

This model benefits the driver as well – since its recording abilities contain a 30 FPS, this cam can catch more images giving a viewer multiple angles ensuring that every moment is captured.

Thanks to its small and compact size, this dash cam fits perfectly behind a rear-view mirror – install it in a concealed location for added protection.

Ever wanted to record your surroundings but you were too afraid to use your phone as you drove? Well, no more. It can capture beautiful sunsets, the breathtaking views, and fascinating wildlife thanks to its Nikon lenses.

S300 comprises multiple additional venting gills that improve reliability in extreme weather and temperature conditions. Its rotating lens enhances the flexibility of capturing either front and rear view of activities.



Camera: This dash cam starts recording as soon as the ignition is turned on. the camera comes with an adhesive mounting pad that provides added security and permanent mounting without any distractions.

This item has an emergency lock button and an accident auto-detection feature (also referred to as G-sensor). This feature can close current video file for later viewing. It has superior night vision thanks to its f2.4 six-glass lens.

These lenses can capture just about anything even in those dark winter nights. This ensures that your car is safe at all times and it’ll capture every bit of scenery in any lighting – good or poor.

This car cam also can record fantastic video with detailed highlights for high-quality HD video footage. This feature provides incredible video to view for your enjoyment with more detailed shadowing and highlights.

Compact Frame: This model has a small and compact size that fits seamlessly into any car. It weighs 4.8 ounces and measures in at 5.1 x 3.1 x 1.6 inches. It can record at 1080p to create amazing picture quality.

Battery: It comes with a high-quality Li-polymer 3.7 c 110mah battery that can bear high and low temperatures without any falter. It has been thoroughly tested and showed results of 6+ hours in 170 degrees F and 6+ hours in -40 degrees F.

Powerful Lens: This dashboard camera comes armed with G-sensor detection features, HD quality video (1920 x 1080), night vision feature, rotatable lenses, 30 fps with H.264, 170-degree angle view and it can also support up to 128 GB Is a significant investment which offers excellent quality at an affordable price.

Versatility: This model is incredibly versatile and has a compact size that fits easily into just about any vehicle. It provides a user a 170 degree viewing angle ensuring that you have full angle coverage of your car.

This feature allows a driver to have maximum visibility of the road – they will get to see every sight and experience all around their vehicle. It also offers full HD recording with crystal clear video quality.

Lens, Video Quality, and Memory: It’s super wide range lens cover a wide variety of areas and collects more evidence details. S300 has an ergonomic design of functional buttons that helps improve the user interface.

This makes it easier for a user to operate it using both their hands. All in all, you’ll enjoy hours of quality video when you take out your SD card to view the footage. This model guarantees sharp and superior video and image quality.

The six glass lenses plus one infrared filter lens prevent any fogging from heat generated after long recording sessions. This feature provides vivid and sharp images.

You’ll be able to experience your surroundings in both daylight and night conditions. Enjoy the view of a sunrise or sunset, wildlife rushing past you, and other incredible views that you would have otherwise missed if you didn’t have about S300 dash cam. Overall, if you enjoy seeing

Overall, if you enjoy seeing the beautiful scenery of the world around you, then S300 dash camera is just what you need to install in your car.

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Note that Worth: Is the Rexing S300 Worth Its Investment?

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