Pruveeo MX2 Review: Unique Dual Lens Dash Cam at Its Best

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4.7/5 on January 1, 2018

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1. Dual Lens dash Cam enables it to record inside the car as well as outside.

2. It is easy to install.

3. It turns on when the car is starting and switches off when the vehicle stops.

4. The device is warranty protected.


1. You will need to use a memory card because the internal storage is not very big.

2. The camera does not record adequately during the night.


For a top of the line portable car camera, It highly recommended. With its polished look along with modern features, it will blend right in with your windscreen, and you’ll hardly notice it.

The Dual Lens Dash Cam captures every activity happening while you drive. Nothing gets past the device. It will make driving safer as well as exciting. If you get into a sticky situation, Pruveeo MX2 comes to your rescue.

If you need to seize unforgettable moments while on the road, the Dual Lens Dash Cam with a 240 degrees wide-angle view has got you covered.

Pruveeo incorporates technology into the driving experience. Every journey can be captured and kept for memories because of the device.

It changes the mundane trip to the store into an adventure worth reliving. Get the Pruveeo MX2 and begin the ride of your life.

I know you are here for Pruveeo MX2 Dual Lens Dash Cam review. There may be a lot of other Dash Cam recorders out there. But it is a guarantee that no one can reach the class of the Dashboard camera.

The Dash Cam Geek has tested and reviewed for customers to make it easy. If you want quality as well as sophistication the Dual Lens Dash Cam is what you need. It is straightforward in its installation and comes with a comprehensible manual. You can set it up comfortably on your own.

The Pruveeo MX2 reviews show that it is a favorite of many who have had the privilege to use it. The customers advocate for it because of its uniqueness.

It is a necessary accessory to your car as it functions to improve everything about your vehicle. The Dash Cam will be a conversation starter for any company when you are traveling together.

Pruveeo MX2 Review Dual Lens Dash Cam

Design & Hardware

The dual lens on the Cam Dash provides clear pictures taken from the two cameras available. With a built-in battery, it works well for saving files in the event of an emergency. When in use, however, the gadget should always be plugged into the power source.

The sharp video that works great as the car is moving. It has a variety of the file formatting devices. The dash cam is microphone enabled with speakers. This means that it can capture audio of its surrounding clearly as like Falcon Zero f170 HD+. You can even decide to record audio on it if you so wish.

The device allows for the setting of the time and date. For the storage, the Dash Cam is well able to store images and videos. It can also support external storage devices like a memory card. When it comes to security, the camera has an emergency lock button. The lock is easy to access.

Therefore, theft of content is easily preventable. It is a sophisticated, durable machine. Even though it is on the windshield, it keeps out of the way. This is light and well-built to accustom it to your car. It does have a language system. It consists of the English language amongst others.


Pruveeo MX2 Review

Camera: The Pruveeo MX2 comes with two cameras making it a dual lens dash cam. Each of the cameras can capture data at 120 degrees, giving an angle of 240 degrees of shooting.

The dual lenses make it possible to capture images from the front, back, left and right. This helps in the amount of data stored as well as its relevance, and it’s all for your viewing pleasure.

Recording: The device records smoothly into the memory card with no delays. It allows for loop interval recordings. The SD card that can fit into the instrument up to 32GB. At a resolution of 780p and 480p, you get quality, high definition recordings.

Automation: You do not need to keep switching the device on and off. When the vehicle is turned on, the Dash Cam goes on as well, and when the car comes to a standstill, the Cam switches off.

You can rely on the automatic system. This ensures ease of use throughout your commute. Whenever you’re in transit, you can be sure that everything registered through the Dash Cam.

Placement: It comes with a suction mount that ensures the dash cam stays in place during and after the drive. When ordering, you are advised to include it in the order.

Even if the suction mount is not present, you can have it sent to you. In the package, you should get; One the Dash Cam, one suction cup mount, two adhesive mounts, one car charger and one user manual.

Warranty: The gadget comes with a replacement warrant of up to 12 months. This is not to say that anything will happen to it, on the contrary in fact. The camera is guaranteed to last well into years after its purchase. The warranty is for your peace of mind and assurity.


1. Does the device record audio?
– Yes, it does.
2. What if the suction mount doesn’t work?
– If it doesn’t work, you can replace it by ordering another one. But it guaranteed to work.

Note that Worth: Is Pruveeo MX2 your price range?

So, is the dashboard cam actually worth the purchase? From the reviews, it indeed is necessary to acquire. Does it have some downfalls? What great product doesn’t? But the thing to note with this gadget is that the pros outweigh the cons by far.

Customers have echoed on how essential to the driver it is, as well as to the car. Clients also point out to the improvements that have happened in their lives after purchasing the Dual lens Dash Cam. Their keenness and awareness of the road have become better.

This device has helped many to avoid accidents. Therefore, it is a must-have for the sake of safety. It also makes a mundane trip to the store or to run errands fun. Don’t believe our review look at Amazon page