Pruveeo D700 Review: One of the Coolest Device You Can Put in any Car

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4.1/5 on October 13, 2018

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590 reviews


1. Waterproof rear cam
2. Easy installation
3. Clear front camera picture
4. Easy to use touch screen menu


1. Slightly heavy
2. Short camera cable


If you need a high definition and user-friendly dual camera dash cam, this pruveeo d700 is one of the best options you will find. From easy installation to accurate wide-angle views, this product is a must in any car.

You have always wanted a car with a backup camera to know what is behind you while driving. But do you know the advantage of having a dual camera, such as the pruveeo d700, on your existing rear view mirror?

With the easy one-touch system directly in your line of vision, you can simultaneously see what is in front of you and what is behind you at all times. The moment you turn on your vehicle, both cameras start to record onto a 32 GB Class10 Micro SD card.

Having the option to automatically record is ideal in case you are involved in a fender bender and have to show the events that transpired to police and insurance companies. With the pruveeo d700, you can always feel safe.

The pruveeo d700 is also incredibly easy to install yourself. You can rest easy knowing that the stunning front camera and waterproof rear camera are just a touch away.

Built & Design

The pruveeo d700 comes with a 7″ Touchscreen that is easily attached to your rear view mirror. It is very user-friendly while switching camera views from a single image or both simultaneously. The front camera has a 150-degree wide angle lens and a full HD 1080P video resolution.

With the rear camera 19ft extension cable and 12ft in-car charging cable, you can plug the entire system into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter. The language system is exclusively in English and does support a Date/Time mark.

Each pruveeo d700 is compatible with a class 10 Samsung EVO or SanDisk High Endurance Micro SD Cards, they are not compatible with SanDisk Ultra cards.

pruveeo d700


1. Auto Display Parking Assist: With pruveeo d700 you will also have an auto displaying parking image to assist you in safely parking, every time the R gear is engaged. No button pressing to start.

2. Picture In Picture Display: With one touch, you can easily go from having a full-screen display or a split screen image.

3. Easy Installation: No need to take anything to be hardwired into your vehicle. A simple do it yourself installation will have you feeling safer on the road.

4. Auto Recording On/Off: Choose whether you want the camera to start recording the moment you turn on your vehicle or have the option to do it manually.

5. Date Time Mark: Every recording has a date-time mark for your reference in an accident or insurance claim.

Battery & Compatibility

The pruveeo d700 has a Built-in battery of 320 mA and requires a DC 5V Power Input. With the 12 ft charging cable, the dash is easily powered by your vehicle’s cigarette lighter. Once your car is turned off, so will your camera.

To eliminate the use of the cigarette lighter and keep that available for other car accessories, it is possible to hardwire the pruveeo d700 for power; however, be sure to drop the voltage to 5V.

The latter is a more complicated option to run the product for an already easy installation. The device is designed to be connected to a power source and cannot run independently.

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With the pruveeo d700 you can install all of its components with ease and be on the road with confidence in no time! Simply slip the dash over to your existing mirror and secure it with the bands provided.

The cable can be run along the inside of the cabin of your vehicle and plugged directly into your cigarette lighter.

The front and rear camera can be placed anywhere on the inside or outside of the vehicle, as the rear camera is waterproof. The best place to install the rear camera is directly above the license plate to ensure the backup assist can give you accurate images.

The pruveeo d700 comes with a 19ft rear camera cable which does not work for larger vehicles, such as full-sized pickup trucks, but additional cables may be purchased to extend the camera’s reach.

Note that Worth: Is the Pruveeo D700 Good for the Money or Just a Good Product?

With all of the new car products on the market, it’s easy to get drawn into seemingly good deals with a less than great product. The pruveeo d700 is such a great product, once you have one in your car, you will order another for your second vehicle.

The pruveeo d700 can’t make you a better driver, but you will feel safer knowing that whatever happens, your drive can be assisted and recorded at the touch of a button.