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Benefit From Our Product Reviews and Promotion Service

We value and understand the importance of a product or its team of manufacturers.

The team works hard to generate more sales for their products. We value their creativity and efforts in promoting their products.

Promote Your Product

We have great news for you…

We have launched a program that offers product advertising service as from now onwards. This offer is available for a limited amount of time.

Maybe you are wondering how we can be of help. Here is the breakdown;

We will provide product analysis, write its review and publish it on our main page. We shall also promote it to our audiences spread across many of our channels.

The only challenge is that we are very selective on the product we choose for review. We shall only go for products that seem promising to us and have a higher cost. Our selection process shall ensure that we concentrate on reliable products rather than less promising ones.

Do you have a product you think can qualify for our services? Well, have a look at the requirements below.

Product Requirements

1. Your product must strictly comply with the following requirements

2. We shall only consider products sold via Amazon and which have a valid ASIN.

3. Your product must be related to our site niche. We only choose products that are in tandem with our line of specialization.

Your product must have a considerable rating. We don’t promote products with poor customer ratings.

Irreducible Minimums

1. Our services come with some limitations which you ought to know in advance of any engagement. They are as under;

2. We will tag our affiliate links in your Amazon product link. Don’t worry because this won’t affect your earnings. It will only earn us a small commission forms Amazon

3. We shall attribute all Amazon links to “no Follow” as required by the Google Webmaster’s guidelines.

4. Currently, we are only doing reviews based on online information and customer testimonials. We don’t do product testing or hands-on reviews

5. The traffic and sales of your products depend on how promising they are. We don’t guarantee automatic sales or traffic.

Our potential

Here are the key facts that make us a viable source of product promotion:

1. According to our report, we currently boast of 12k to 15k monthly page views. We are recording an increase of 30% every month.

2. Google Analytics places our current monthly page views to above 35k page views.

3. About 60% of the website visitors are within the United States, which signifies a high market base for the products.

4. More than 80% of our website visitors comprise organic search traffic. This statistic implies that they are specifically searching for our niche products.

5. We have a high Google authority, and all of our product reviews come 1stor 2nd in Google page search.

6. Our team does all the writing of the product reviews. These reviews generate approximately 4% conversion rates on Amazon affiliates and associates.

7. All of the product reviews we post are shared massively across many social media platforms.

8. Our base for email subscribers has grown immensely, and many of them wait eagerly for our informative reviews

Our Charges

1. First package: it includes; Writing the review + Publishing + Putting it on our Homepage + Promotion on Social media. Cost per product: $200

2. Second Package: it includes; Writing the review + Publishing + Putting it on our Homepage + Promotion on Social media +Promotion via Email + Promotion on news Sites. Cost per Product: $250

Our services include writing, decorating and optimizing of the review as per our style. You can read our reviews to understand our style.

Do not hesitate to ask any question concerning this service. Send us your requests, inquiries, and orders via the following email address at For orders, include the package choice and the URL of your Amazon products.