Vantrue N2 dual Dash Cam Review: A Perfect Car Camera [Upgraded]

vantrue n2 dash cam review

This vantrue n2 dual dash cam gives you extra assurance if you get involved in a crash because it captures the happenings on the whole road. Both cameras have advanced sensors that detect when the vehicle gets involved in an... Read More »

Ausdom a261 review: A Great Dash Cam For Your Vehicle

Ausdom a261 dash cam review

This ausdom a261 camcorder has a night vision feature that enables it to record excellent videos at night. You can mark out the faces of people in a playback recorded in a dark place. Apart from external surveillance, the camera... Read More »

Blacksys ch-100b Review: Best 2 Channel Dash Cam

blacksys ch-100b

The blacksys ch-100b gadget uses Sony CMOS sensor for motion and parking detection which is essential for any dash cam. Many users rate it as having the most user-friendly Wi-Fi app as compared to other models of the same... Read More »

Falcon Zero F360 Review: Best Mirror Mounted Dash Cam

Falcon Zero F360+ review

The Falcon Zero F360 HD dash cam comes with an excellent 1080p resolution camera for high-quality recording capabilities. In fact, the Falcon zero f360+ dash cam features two cameras, and both have 180-degree rotation features... Read More »

z-edge z3 Review: The Best Car Dash Cam in Budget

z-edge z3 review

The z-edge z3 dash cam comes with all modern features that enhance your recording of events as you drive. The wide camera angle allows it to capture many things at a go. It also provides a clear view of the HD videos because it... Read More »

The Beginning- Who We are and What is Our Objective

The beginner- who we are

Welcome to Dash Cam Geek where you will gain access to a comprehensive knowledge base on some of the highly rated dash cam products that are available today. Just to be clear, we are not a shop or shopping agent. We will... Read More »