Falcon Zero F170+ HD Review: A Parking Security Featured Dash Cam

Falcon Zero F170 Review

There isn't a reason to worry when driving at night because this Falcon zero f170 HD dash camera has a powerful night vision which makes it easy to document every moment of your journey. It is easy to install this dash cam as... Read More »

AUTO-VOX T1400 Review: Capture and Provides Explicit Videos

AUTO VOX T1400 Review

The AUTO-VOX T1400 best license plate backup camera system provides explicit videos and gives you a clear idea of what is going on behind you. Unlike dash cams which are noticed by outsiders. This backup device is discreet,... Read More »

ITrue X3 Dash Cam Review: Built-in Endless Looping Mode

ITrue X3 Review

The ITrue X3 dash cam boasts of many features that make it the best choice for many motorists. The camera has a night vision that enables it to function when exposed to different light intensities. This high-definition car... Read More »

Thinkware F770 Review: Allows Recording Even Vehicle Turn Off

Having the thinkware F770 dash cam has many advantages to all road users. Cameras act as the extra eyes that record everything happening on the road. Many videos of accidents are made available by the dash... Read More »

7 Reasons to Buy Dash Cam Immediately For Your Vehicle

7 reasons to buy dash cam immediately

Many motorists have decided to buy dash cam for their vehicles because of many reasons. This camera comes with many benefits that make it a must-have for many road users. For the newbie, a dash cam is a camera installed on your... Read More »

Vantrue N2 Review: Extremely Useful for Professional Drivers

Vantrue N2 Review

This vantrue n2 dash cam gives you extra assurance if you get involved in a crash because it captures the happenings on the whole road. Both cameras have advanced sensors that detect when the vehicle gets involved in an... Read More »

Ausdom a261 Review: Have You Noticed the Features Ever?

Ausdom a261 Review

This ausdom a261 camcorder has a night vision feature that enables it to record excellent videos at night. You can mark out the faces of people in a playback recorded in a dark place. Apart from external surveillance, the camera... Read More »

Blacksys ch-100b Review: Amazingly Offers a Pair of Camera


The blacksys ch-100b gadget uses Sony CMOS sensor for motion and parking detection which is essential for any dash cam. Many users rate it as having the most user-friendly Wi-Fi app as compared to other models of the same... Read More »

Falcon Zero F360+ Review: Best Mirror Mounted Dash Cam

Falcon Zero F360+ Review

The Falcon Zero F360+ HD dash cam comes with an excellent 1080p resolution camera for high-quality recording capabilities. In fact, the Falcon zero f360+ dash cam features two cameras, and both have 180-degree rotation... Read More »

Z-Edge Z3 Review: The Small Device Could Prove Your Innocence

Z Edge Z3 Review

The z-edge z3 dash cam comes with all modern features that enhance your recording of events as you drive. The wide camera angle allows it to capture many things at a go. It also provides a clear view of the HD videos because... Read More »