kdlinks x1 Review: The Best Dash Cam for The Money

kdlinks x1 dash cam review

The KDLINKS X1 is one of the most popular dash cameras available. In this review, I will examine the dashboard camera so you can decide whether or not it's worth your money. By the end of this review, you should have enough... Read More »

Pruveeo MX2 Review: Unique Dual Lens Dash Cam at Its Best

Pruveeo MX2 Dual Lens Dash Cam

I know you are here for Pruveeo MX2 Dual Lens Dash Cam review. There may be a lot of other Dash Cam recorders out there. But it is a guarantee that no one can reach the class of the Dashboard camera. The Dash Cam Geek has... Read More »

5 Best Dash Cam for Truckers With GPS and Night Vision

Anker ROAV C1 Dash Cam

Are you a truck owner who is still undecided whether to buy a best dash cam for truckers? Well, maybe you are waiting for a first-hand experience for you to buy truck dash cam to make up your mind. Imagine driving your truck... Read More »

KDLINKS DX2 Review: Full-Featured Dash Cam You Should Try Beforehand

Kdlinkd dx2 featured image

Road incidents occur often while driving. Accidents, unpleasant activities that call for a second eye, involving and not involving you, happens to us daily. When it's our word against another's, a truthful conclusion can be... Read More »

Frizione 2.4 dash cam review: The Best 4k Dash Camera

4k dash cam review

The 4k dash camera is like other dual camcorders; this device gives a clear recording of events happening both ahead and behind your car. It has a great view, which means it can capture many things at a time. Having Frizion 2.4... Read More »

KDLINKS R100 Review: The Best Anti-Glare Ultra HD Dash Cam

KDLINKS R100 Dual Lens Dash Cam

If you’re looking for the best anti-glare dash cam, then the KDLINKS R100 is your dashboard camera. This is one of the top selling items on the market. It is affordable and has many great qualities to offer. [su_note... Read More »

Dash Cam Legality: Is It Legal to Use a Dash Cam In United States?

buy a dash cam

Dash cams are rapidly becoming an absolute must have in today's driving environment. Ruthless and irresponsible driving coupled with an increasing number of frequent occurrences of road craze makes purchasing of a perfect car DVR... Read More »

Lumina Dash Cam Review: Is It Good For Surveillance?

Lumina dash camera featured

This Lumina Dash Cam review aims to provide valuable information about this camera. This camera has a design for easy installation by both amateurs and experienced people. Further, the high-resolution videos and images of the... Read More »

Falcon Zero Touch PRO Review: A Smart Dash Cam For Motion Detection


The falcon zero touch pro HD dashboard camera review is a way of enriching you with the knowledge that you will require when choosing a dash camera. This is the best dash camera that is suitable for photographers of all levels... Read More »

Dash Cam Installation: How to Install a Dash Cam [7 Easy Steps]

Dash Cam Installation

Dashboard cameras are becoming increasingly popular among motorists globally. There is a growing desire to capture captivating events on the road that we would want to replay subsequently. As the name implies, it is usually... Read More »