Lumina Dash Cam Review: Is It Good For Surveillance?

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4.4/5 on October 29, 2017

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1. Large monitor for viewing videos and images after a recording.

2. Portability of the camera due to its compact size and its lightweight property.

3. Ability to lock files and prevent them from being deleted.

4. A G-sensor that automatically locks the current clip in case of sudden acceleration.

5. High video resolution of 1080p that produces quality videos and pictures and records most of the relevant events.


1. The port for plugging in the charging cable might not be visible especially for people who aren’t conversant with the brand.

2. Lack of an SD card for storage. You will, therefore, incur extra expenses to purchase a storage Card.


The Lumina Dash Cam will fit into your windshield seamlessly unlike other devices that might obstruct your view as you cruise around.

Additionally, you will enjoy high-quality videos and images when using the camera. Moreover, the Lumina 1080p 170 degree wide angle dash cam recorder provides a large monitor that provides a clear view of the recordings.

Its ability to lock files and protect them from accidental deletions is impeccable. A G-sensor attached to the camera will always sense sudden acceleration of the car. As such, the recent file in the recording will then be in a lock and another recording initiated.

Despite the fact that the Lumina Dashboard Camera does not include SD storage on the purchase, its value is incomparable.

The extensive coverage of the events on the road is another feature that you will enjoy. Additionally, the compact size of the camera that breeds portability is fascinating.

If you are looking for a camera that will give you quality videos and a clear view, the Lumina Dash Cam will suit your needs.

This Lumina Dash Cam review aims to provide valuable information about this camera. This camera has a design for easy installation by both amateurs and experienced people.

Further, the high-resolution videos and images of the camera are encouraging. The Dashboard Camera is made to provide extensive coverage recordings. As such, even the road signs will be in the record for later reference.

It comes with a G-sensor that detects any sudden acceleration before initiating an automatic recording. This feature helps you preserve full footage in case of an accident.

Moreover, it affords you the chance o driving uninterrupted it doesn’t obstruct your view of the road. This camera is of a compact design that fits well onto your windshield. The dash camera is small and portable thereby allowing easy installation.

Its installation is easy and doesn’t require technological know-how. In as much as the port for plugging in the charger might not be overly visible, this handicap doesn’t hinder the effectiveness of the device. The many positive features of the Lumina camcorder makes it a must-have dash cam for truckers.

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Lumina dash cam

Design & Hardware

The ideal model used in the manufacture of the Lumina Dash Cam is incredible. Your view of the outside will not be affected by installing the camera. You can as well watch the recording of the camera without interference. Its sleek design is therefore irresistible.

Moreover, the G-sensor of the camera provides for inbuilt safety. There is safety with the Lumina lumina full HD 1080p zoom series ultra wide records any auto accidents and locks the footage from destruction. As such, you will always be in possession of crucial evidence in case you run into accidents.

Further, the camera is designed to cover a full field view of the road. The wide angle of 170 degrees will ensure all the details on the way are in your recording. Essential and other crucial information will therefore not get eliminated from the record and images.

Moreover, you will enjoy a commanding performance from the Lumina 1080p 170 degree wide angle dash cam recorder as it embraces H. 264 photograph compression technology.

Additionally, the camera comes with a charging cable that will help to power it on. The body of the camera is a durable material that is resistant to scratches and hence long lasting.

The camera has a warranty that ensures you can access professional services in case of a technical hitch. The manufacturers express their confidence and trust in the quality of the camera through the warranty. The fact that there is an inbuilt battery for your camera is fascinating as you can use the camera in the absence of power.

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G-sensor: The sensor is designed to sense sudden accelerations by your car. The dash cam will then automatically lock the already existing recording to keep it secure. In case of an accident, you will have the evidence in the form of a video which will remain intact.

Warranty: You will secure a one year warranty on the Lumina 1080p 170 Degree Wide Angle dash camera upon purchase. As such, you will be able to get professional services for your camera within the specified time.

High video and camera resolution: The 1080p resolution of this dash cam with zoom is incredible. You will be able to get high-quality video and images at the end of your journey for viewing. Additionally, the images and videos will have covered a wide area on the road and are therefore detailed.

Battery: The dashboard camera has an inbuilt battery. The battery keeps the camera on for a considerable amount of time without getting powered. As such, you can be sure that your car will be secure even in the parking lot.

H. 264 photograph compression technology: This H. 264 is a current technology that is used in the camera to ensure clarity of images produced. With the dash camera, you can be sure of high-quality videos and pictures.

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Lumina dash cam

Battery and compatibility

This camera has an inbuilt battery that serves the purpose of powering on the camera. Such as, you will continually plug in the battery into a power supply.

The constant plugging in is due to the high power consumption rates of the camera. However, the battery can power the camera for some time without charging in case of power outages.

Note Worth: Is Lumina Dash Cam Worth Investment?

The fact that this camera lacks an SD card for storage can discourage you from purchasing it. However, its value is incomparable to that of other cameras. The incredible, as well as invisible design which is good for surveillance, ensure you do not get obstructions from the outside view.

Additionally, the ease of installation makes the best for your needs. With this, you can enjoy high-quality videos and images as well, and this makes it a worthy investment. You can also read here what other customers are says.