KDLINKS R100 Review: The Best Anti-Glare Ultra HD Dash Cam

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4.1/5 on November 26, 2017

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1. The front and rear camera detection are exceptionally accurate.
2. The battery lasts a long time without needing to be charged.
3. The auto features are enjoyable and come in handy.
4. The built-in mirror helps to see even when the camera is off.
5. The mirror helps to see better visually and is not reflective.


1. The memory card fits in the top, and the mirror has to be moved to access the card.
2. The blue recording light stays on when the camera is not recording anything.


The KDLINKS R100 camera has many wonderful features and benefits for users to enjoy. The camera can be used for front or front and rear imagery at once. You can turn off one or the other for convenience.

The battery holds more charge than regular batteries do, and it will last longer before needing to be charged. The auto features are a great benefit to have because they can detect movement and start recording for you.

The auto parking feature can be turned on and will turn the camera off when the car is parked. These features are a must have and can be benefited from daily. The glare free mirror helps to see what is around you without the sun glaring in your eyes.

The video can be recorded and saved to an SD card that comes with the device. You can use the SD card to upload files from the cam to your PC for future review.

If you’re looking for the best anti-glare dash cam, then the KDLINKS R100 is your dashboard camera. This is one of the top selling items on the market. It is affordable and has many great qualities to offer.

It will surprise you after using it for a few days. You will see how amazing this little device can be. The round shape has featured at every angle.

The small round shape is classy and unique. The 5-inch screen display is apparent. It lets you see what is going on easier because of the wider screen. The screen is HD and LCD designed.

Design & Hardware

The design of the kdlinks r100 ultra HD dash camera has a classy look. It is a small device that has a sleek figure. The small size does not interfere with the powerful features it has to offer. The lightweight camera takes up little space but provides large benefits. It may be hard to believe that something so small can hold a lot of video recording time.

It allows you to have a better visual imagery and shows images in the real-time recording. The memory function of the dash camera is spectacular. It is equipped with a built-in micro SD memory card insert for added recording space. This lets you save the record files onto the SD card and transfer them to other devices.

The dash camera is constructed to handle an SD card from 64GB up to a 128 GB of extra memory storage. The shiny black color of the camera looks nice. The black color option does not clash with other dashboard color schemes. The R100 dashboard camera has an excellent appearance installed in any vehicle. It has a classy appearance and is a great purchase for over a hundred bucks.


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kdlinks R100 Dash Cam review

Multiple Camera Recording: The dashboard cam has impressive quality. The cam works in two different ways and provides multiple camera recording. It provides quality cam capturing capabilities in front mode and rear mode. You can choose which mode quality that you want to use and turn off the other mode.

High Definition Imagery: The cam records completely quality 30 fps video and uses High Definition for perfect imagery. The camera has a unique feature that lets it record without holding it. The camera can continue to record while you are not around and it will continue to loop record until you stop it.

This is great to have because the high definition camera can capture anything that is happening in real-time. The front 1296p and 1080p rear cameras provide fantastic recording, visual, and imagery.

Glare Resistant Mirror: The R100 is a small and sleek shape but exhibits exceptional quality recording capabilities. The front and rear mirror imagery are at 140 degrees for perfect vision and image recording.

The mirror is designed to prevent glare and the 5inch IPS screen ads exceptional quality. This device can be hooked up and use without any setup. The 16GB mini SD card comes with the device for added storage capacity.

Auto Mode: The R100 dashboard camera has many features and usages. The auto off switch lets you have control of the on and off feature. The camera can use the auto feature that allows the camera to shut off after five minutes when there are no cars. When there is movement, the cam will turn back on and start recording.

This is also an energy saver for cars that charge using the cigarette lighter. The auto feature can save on car battery usage and only turn on when it is needed.

Parking Mode: The Parking off option on the cam is extremely beneficial. When this feature is turned on, it will shut the cam off when you turn your car off. When the feature is turned off, then you will have to turn off the camera to stop recording manually.

The usage of this cam can be beneficial to drivers. You can control how and when your cam records. You will not have to worry about viewing hours of unwanted imagery and can get right to the image you want to review quickly.

The parking option is a useful feature because it will save time and battery life for your camera. If you did not have this feature at all, you could forget to turn it off and run the battery dead. Being able to take advantage of this benefit can prevent additional drained batteries and hours of unwanted recordings.

Advanced Parking Function: The function of the dash cam is spectacular. It is equipped with an Advanced Parking Mode Option. The Advanced Parking Mode option lets the recorder come on automatically when it detects movement.

The camera will begin recording for a short time and then turn back off again. The camera will need to have power running to it. If there is no power running to the camera at this time, the auto mode will not work.

This function is designed to protect you and your vehicle when it is not running. If you leave your car in a parking garage, the camera will begin recording when it detects movement near the car.

Security Protection: This feature is helpful because it can record vandals and criminals who are trying to break into your car. It can capture someone scraping your car in a shopping center parking lot.

It is also a nice feature to have available when your home in bed and someone is messing around your home. Once the camera detects the movement, it will capture the criminals in real-time.

The camera’s auto parking function can come in handy when you need to report the crime to law enforcement and insurance companies. You will have the proof right on the camera to show who and what had occurred when you were not around.

Improved Battery Life: The KDLINKS R100 is good for power and does not waste battery life. The 800 mah battery is designed to last longer than standard batteries without power supply.

It is equipped to turn off when it is not being used or when there is nothing to detect. This will save your car battery and save you money in the long run.

Built-in Night Vision: The dash camera has built-in night vision detection that makes it see clearly in the dark. The big IPS screen allows you to visually see what is occurring without needing to squint or zoom in for clarity.

The design and power of the camera let you comfortably use a 64GB up to a 128GB card for added storage and video files. The lock button is an excellent powerful function to have because it lets you close the video imagery and data.

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Battery & Compatibility

The R100 dash cam is a great device to have. The battery life on the dash cam is made to last. It has a longer battery life than most dash cams.

The unique features help to save battery energy and provide more extended use with the camera. The added benefits stop recording when it is not necessary.

These benefits save the recording time and battery usage. The dash cam can be programmed to turn off when the car is turned off.

This keeps the cam from recording when there is nothing important to capture. When something moves in front of the cam, then it will turn on and record for a short period. After the time is up, it will shut off again if there is no movement after five minutes.

The dash camera is compatible with other devices for easy downloading. You can send or transfer recording files from the camera and put it onto a PC, tablet, or phone.

The camera can be locked or stopped when you are not in the vehicle. This is an added security feature that helps you retrieve imagery for quick review.

KDLINKS R100 Video Sample

Note that Worth: Is KDLINKS R100 Dash Cam Powerful in its Price Range?

If you are on the hunt for a substitute of a regular dash cam, then R100 is in the right category. It is a sturdy product with an affordable price. KDLINKS made this dash camera powerful and affordable.

If you want to compare this dash camera to others on the market, it is made of high-quality features. This product is ahead of the other competitors because it offers so many benefits that people can use.

Overall, the dash camera is a great dash camera that records when necessary for added security. The camera is made to last and provides long-term recording capabilities.

If you want to upgrade to a new dash camera, then the KDLINKS R100 ultra HD dashboard camera is the best on the market. It has many features and qualities that make it stand out from the competitors.