KDLINKS DX2 Review: Full-Featured Dash Cam You Should Try Beforehand

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3.9/5 on December 15, 2017

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439 reviews


1. Stylish body design
2. Clear imagery
3. Easy installation
4. 180-degree rotation


1. Night vision works better for the front vehicle camera
2. Parked and driving settings have to be manually adjusted - time-consuming


If you're looking to include a good functional dual lens dash cam that is a slim, stylish representation and has a wide video capture range with acceptable night vision compatibility, then this is the car driving camera that you would want to use to ensure that your road camera captures are clearly visible.

This is the perfect dash cam to capture the activities involved in your daily drives, both while in motion and parked. Many features and benefits to offer consumers that makes this vehicle camera one of the best in its class.

Road incidents occur often while driving. Accidents, unpleasant activities that call for a second eye, involving and not involving you, happens to us daily.

When it’s our word against another’s, a truthful conclusion can be difficult to come about. The KDLINKS DX2 dual lens dash cam is definitely the proof that drivers need for properly backing up their claims.

The kdlinks dx2 offering an array of outstanding features that provide convenience and ease during the privilege of recording your every moment of time spent on the road in your vehicle, both in front of you and behind you. With its night vision feature, drivers are able to get a video capture even during the night hours.

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kdlinks dx2

Built & Design

An attractive and compact designed security dash cam that attaches conveniently to a driver’s windshield or dash and adjusts easily. An ideal sized camera that is not too showy and obvious. Size: 5.28 ounces and 3.5 x 2 x 1.4 inches in dimensions.

It is definitely a nice and stylish looking black cam body with a two stripe leather appeal design that can fit easily in the palm of the hand and presents a bold and confident representation that gives consumers a comforting feeling that their camera assistance is one that you can smile about!

Hands-free, super slim camera comes equipped with a suction cup for windshield placement for the front-facing camera and 3m tape for the rear camera mounting.

To ensure a continuous power charge even for longer drives, a power chord comes standard to easily hook into a cigarette lighter. If you’re interested in hooking your car camera recorder to your computer, a nice USB chord comes available as well.


Front + Rear 2 Lens System + CPL Filter: Records activity captured both from what’s ahead of the driver and behind the driver in HD quality as great as a 1920×1080 definition.

F1.6 high-quality lens, Front lens covers a super wide range of 160° while the back camera covers a 125 ° angle. Includes a CPL filter which reduces glare effects created during those sunny days.

Large 3″ screen: Presents a quality visual of the front and the rear camera captures a picture and picture (PIP) format for continuous camera capture viewing of HD quality at 30 fps.

16GB micro SD card: Provides an extensive amount of memory for your vehicle camera in terms of sound and video to best receive camera capture information and storing.

Fast downloading and processing for an overall good car driving camera performance. Makes moving photos to a computer a breeze.

Night-vision: By world-class F1.6 Six-Glass lenses, can clearly capture events that happen during the night hours. The security dash cam capably converts into a night-vision camera when needed and presents a clear representation despite the poor light representation provided by the night.

As many misfortunate occurrences happen at night, you want to be fully prepared and you will be with this night vision feature.

Emergency Lock Button and Accident Auto-Detection:  A very important feature that locks a current video file in place to prevent the possibility of accidentally deleting a highly valuable clip.

This feature is highly effective for accident instances to ensure you’ve captured the accident and have it properly secured for revisiting. This is accomplished with the technology of G sensor which detects sudden changes in direction.

Automatic Continuous Recording: Starts immediately after the driver starts their ignition and continues to record and loop throughout the duration of a driver’s commute – just as long as the battery permits or the power cable is connected.

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Battery and Compatibility

Offers users a high-quality Li-polymer 3.7v 110mah battery. This battery can withstand various extreme temperature condition while remaining effective.

Lasts for a complete 6 hours in temperatures as high as 170° and as low as -40°F. This measure was tested and confirmed by the large-scale comprehensive testing organization, PONY Lab.

Charging can be accomplished easily with the unit’s power supply cable which comes standard with consumer’s purchase.

This power chord can easily be connected to a cigarette lighter during times of inadequate battery life. The unit also comes standard with a USB connector for connecting to a computer.

Note that Worth: Does KDLINKS DX2 Has Enough Features?

If you’re looking for a quality vehicle dash cam that packs a diverse punch that works effectively and conveniently for front and rear data capturing – even during the night hours – then you want to purchase the KDLINKS DX2 dashboard camera.

This car camera recorder was made to assist drivers with supportive accident claims while giving drivers the freedom to hands-free road recordings.

The incredible wide camera capture, night vision and emergency lock button and accident auto detection make this car driving camera a hit.

Its sleek and attractive design that allows it to be completely accepted visually by the driver and passengers just takes the cake. “Cool cam”!

The battery is quality and durable, lasting in extreme heat and cold conditions, allowing all weather conditions – that we face here on planet earth – no match in preventing this battery from thriving!

This is one of the most quality, stylish, functional and affordable driving cameras for cars in its class!