ITrue X3 Dash Cam Review: A Full HD Dash Camera

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4.5/5 on August 18, 2017

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654 reviews


1. High-quality videos both during the day and night.

2. It has a leather-style surface that cuts reflections from the window enabling you to enjoy a perfect video.

3. It's Very affordable despite its many outstanding features.

4. It Has an appealing design that features both leather and chrome.


1. Can not withstand hot temperatures for extended periods.

2. One customer complained of getting a camera with a broken button.


Are you tired of buying cameras that fail you on the first day? Are you wondering where to get the best dash cam that works best for you?

If you need a stylish and efficient camera for your car that comes with many features look no far. This affordable camera will make your driving enjoyable and keep your vehicle safe when in the parking lot.

We have a variety of car cameras around. However, if you value getting a quality camera that is cheap and reliable consider this unique product.

ITrue X3 dash camera starts and stops automatically giving you time and concentration you need while on the road.

The ITrue X3 dash cam boasts of many features that make it the best choice for many motorists. The camera has a night vision that enables it to function when exposed to different light intensities.

This high-definition car camera records videos of the vehicles ahead of you making it ideal for a head-on collision.

The in-car camera can sit discretely on your dashboard, or you can mount it on your windshield. Read the rest of the review to discover the best features of this classy cam.

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itrue x3 dash cam

Design and Hardware

The ITrue X3 dash cam has a high video resolution that results in High-quality videos. You enjoy a perfect viewing of your journey as you cruise to and from work.

This gadget supports motion detection which enables it to detect any burglary attempt in the parking lot. It comes with a memory card that has a memory space of 32GB.

You need not worry how to transfer your recorded videos because this cam supports USB. Like other dash cams, it supports Audio recording.

However, it captures external sound better than any other dash cam. You won’t experience cases of muffled voices as with other cameras. Its functions better within 10-140 degrees, and therefore you shouldn’t leave it on the windscreen when parking.

The large chrome at the front of the camera besides the sleek design gives the camera an actual retro appearance. The gadget fits behind the rear view mirror due to its small size. The front surface has a stitched leather styling that makes it look classy and of high quality.


Emergency Lock Button: The dash cam has a lock of urgency button and closes automatically on sensing a collision. The camera secures the details of the video recorded before the crash.

This feature comes handy in a trial in the event of an accident. The camera locks its videos to avoid distortion which might compromise the truth about the crash details.

Full HD Recording: The camera captures high-quality full HD videos that are enjoyable to watch. It starts recording when you turn on your car and stops when you switch your engine off.

Powerful Lens: This gadget comes with excellent night-vision lens made of a six layers glass. The unique lens has an extra Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) video system which enables the camera to capture everything within the eye’s view.

The WDR in this camera functions the same as the sophisticated cameras having the High Dynamic Range (HDR). This feature enables the camera to capture everything within its view.

The night vision lenses help the camera capture clear videos when driving at night or under the tunnel.

Unlimited Looping: The ITrue X3 dash cam records videos in loops. This feature enhances continuous capturing of videos even when the SD card memory becomes full.

The loop feature also makes the camera save videos in small clips of fixed duration. The dash cam overwrites the videos in case of insufficient memory.

The memory lock feature prevents the camera from overwriting the locked videos. Endless looping makes your work easier as it doesn’t require your attention.

Gravity Sensor (G-sensor): Just like other quality dash cams, the Itrue x3 has a G-sensor that detects changes in gravity when driving. The detection always occurs when the vehicle gets involved in an accident, makes a sudden turn or flips over.

The G-sensor has an auto lock that protects such a video when the camera starts looping. You can also protect any video you want using the lock feature.

Always switch off the motion detection when driving to avoid stopping the recording randomly because of a change in motion.

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Battery and Compatibility

This cam has a superior battery that can last for up to four hours of uninterrupted recording before it gives you a ‘battery low’ warning.

Ensure it uses the car power (with a 12 volts outlet) when the car is in motion so that the charged battery functions when the car is not moving.

Many customers claimed the battery works well for extended periods of time if used according to the instructions provided in the manual.

Budget Worth: Is itrue x3 Dash Cam in Your Price Range?

According to the buyer reviews, the camera is incredibly cheap. Many customers regard this cam as affordable owing to its outstanding features.

It has all modern features drivers need to enjoy a perfect ride and record all driving experiences in a real HD style. Remember to use the recommended SD card for better speeds and to make the camera serve you for long.

If you want a product that is worth your investment you are at the right place. The many features of this camera add value and make it the best in-car camera for any serious motorist. Gain more information by reading buyer reviews on Amazon.