Frizione 2.4 dash cam review: The Best 4k Dash Camera

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4.8/5 on November 30, 2017

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2 reviews


1. It's sleek and discreet due to its compact size

2. Has a perfect night vision compared to other models

3. It has a weatherproof car camera

4. Has a bright and clear screen that makes videos easy to watch

5. Comes with a functional GPS Geo-Tagging

6. Works well with Smartphone


1. The user manual is complicated for an average person (technologically) to understand.


The Frizione 2.4 is an amazing dash cam that comes with many useful features. It has one of the best night vision and produces crystal clear videos.

It is easy to install this 4K Dashboard camera on your windshield and above the rear license plate bracket. You can easily operate this cam with or without technological knowledge, making it a perfect purchase for first-timers.

You don’t have to waste your time saving the dates of the recording. This camcorder has a functional GPS that indicates the time and place where every record happened.

Maybe you have employed someone to drive your car, or you lend it out to a friend. Having the Frizione 2.4 dash cam saves unnecessary worry.

The 4k dash camera is like other dual camcorders; this device gives a clear recording of events happening both ahead and behind your car. It has a great view, which means it can capture many things at a time.

Having Frizion 2.4 affords you the rare opportunity of documenting any events happening on the road as you drive. The night vision ensures that you have a detailed video of the events that unfold at night as you drive back home.

Design and Hardware

The Frizione 4k dash camera comes with an ultra HD wide angle of 150 degrees and produces clear videos in HD 4k resolution. It has an advanced video compression technology that enables it to reduce the size of the video.

You can delete the unnecessary parts and work with the remaining desirable areas of the clip. This device also supports HDMI transmission. You can plug it into an HDMI enabled television and watch your videos on a big screen.

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4k dash camera review

Features of Frizione 2.4 4k dash camera

Sensitive G-Sensor: The gadget has a sensitive Gravity Sensor that starts recording immediately it detects any change in motion. If you brake abruptly or get knocked from behind, the G-sensor ensures that everything captured on the dash cam.

Imagine a case where a reckless driver hits your vehicle and speeds away. It forces you to spend money on repair as he dines and enjoys with friends.

This case won’t happen if you install the Frizione true 4k dashboard camera on your car. The G-sensor will detect and record every activity, including the details of the license plate.

Loop Recording: This camcorder has a loop recording feature which enables it to record continuously even when the memory is full. There is no reason to worry about changing and downloading the clips to provide room for more recordings.

The camera automatically writes over the old videos as it creates new clips. The G-sensor activates a video lock in case t detects a change in motion.

The video lock protects the footage recorded before the accident from being written over. You can also use the video lock feature to secure your valued clips and protect them from getting written over.

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Wide Dynamic Range (WDR): The Full Dynamic Range helps this camera to capture clear footage on a bright day and highlights the shadows thereby boosting visibility. Don’t worry about a sunny day because

this dash cam captures and reduces the effect of direct light of the recordings. The same applies to night vision which enables this camera to produce high-quality videos at night. Whether you are on a ride date, or you want to experiment driving at night, this camera keeps you covered.

GPS and Wi-Fi: One great feature that makes this device compelling is the functional GPS and built-in Wi-Fi. You can use the Wi-Fi to download an app called Lerccenker”, which helps you to synchronize the features of the camera on your Smartphone.

This app enables you to watch videos directly from your phone and to take photos and store on your phone. You can also download the recorded files and edit them on your phone.

You can alternatively share your expeditions with your friends and family via social media. Decide to View the recordings on your phone as they happen or view playbacks after having a tough day at work.

The GeoTagging feature makes accurate records so you can accurately check the speed location of the vehicle. The dash cam software also has google maps that help you identify our route and location.

On and Off Feature:

This 4k car camera comes with an automatic on and off feature. You don’t have to worry about switching on the camera because it starts recording the moment you start the engine.

The camera stops recording when the engine stops. However, it has powerful motion sensors that act as spies when you park your car.

The sensors detect and activate the camera to start recording if anything comes near the car when parked. Don’t get a heart attack worrying about your drunken neighbor knocking your car. You have all the proof to force him to compensate your loss.

You can opt to charge the battery of the camera or transmit the power directly via the USB. With this camera, you can record videos for the whole day without worrying about the memory. It uses TF Cards of up to 128 GB.

Battery and Compatibility

This camera features a built-in battery that can record for up to three hours when fully charged. The battery comes handy during emergencies for saving files.

You should keep your camera plugged into the car power when driving to preserve the battery. This camera works well in different extreme temperatures because of its high resolution.

Does  Worth Investment?

Is the Frizione 2.4″ 4k Dashboard Camera worth its budget? Given the many useful features that come with this device, it’s fair to declare it worth your investment. Other cameras were having the same features sold at higher prices than this sleek appliance.