Falcon Zero Touch PRO Review: A Smart Dash Cam For Motion Detection

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4.5/5 on October 17, 2017

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1. Simple to use as it has touch screen ability.

2. Continuous powering which does not drain your vehicle battery.

3. A High-quality, durable material is used in its manufacture.

4. Excellent video quality of 1080P, full 170 degrees POV.

5. Built with motion detection.


1. Lack of a zoom-in capability.

2. Expensive.


Motorists who value quality and originality will go for a classy and long-lasting Dash cam of this caliber.

Those whose preference isn't limited to merely getting a dash cam would spend their most to have this quality device.

Although the price might be higher when compared to other cameras, the value attached to this machine comes with a desirable worth.

You will enjoy quality videos and photos that you can store in the provided 32 GB SD card that accompanies this dash camera.

The touch screen capability provided may not be as smooth as that of a Smartphone but works well and has high-class sensitivity.

The sleek design and new technology that has been put to use in its manufacture have made it suitable for both male and female.

You will not have to struggle to learn how to use this dash camera as it has a simple layout hence ideal for amateurs as well as professionals.

The falcon zero touch pro HD dashboard camera review is a way of enriching you with the knowledge that you will require when choosing a dash camera.

This is the best dash camera that is suitable for photographers of all levels from amateurs to professionals. We have engaged in extensive research to ensure that you know what to expect before you make up your mind to purchase the falcon zero touch HD dash cam.

If you are looking to get the value of your money, then this is the camera to purchase. It can enable you to record high-quality videos while also taking pictures like Falcon zero f170 HD Dash Camera.

You are also free to gift this camera to anyone, and you can be, sure they will love it. This Falcon Zero Touch HD Review has outlined the design and hardware that you expect to encounter when working with this camera below. Also, you will get equipped with what to look forward to as you purchase the Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD Dash Cam.

Design and Hardware

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This auto camcorder contains a quick mount bracket that makes the mounting process hassle-free. This will ensure that mounting and dismounting of the touch pro HD from the windshield is done effortlessly. You can use the patented bracket mount that uses pins for this purpose.

A Falcon Zero Touch HD Review cites the four-inch touchscreen as another incredible feature of this camera that adds up to its sleek design. This feature ensures that you will not have to struggle but will be in a position to effortlessly operate the Falcon HD Dash Cam.

This significant feature of Falcon Zero Touch HD brings it top to all devices. The feature navigation and software works in a manner that simplifies the process for you. The fly adjustments have been made simple enough, and you will not struggle as you adjust your dash camera to suit your needs.

The pro manufacturers use a long-lasting material that resists scratches when making this device. This material ensures that in case the camera accidentally falls off, you will still have a clear view of the photos.

The camera has a multi-vehicle use capability with the two docking stations that are available. You can set this dash camera in the primary vehicle while the other docking station is set up in a second car. Additionally, in case of a rental vehicle, these two docking stations will also come in handy to your rescue.

Features Of Falcon Zero Touch PRO

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falcon zero touch pro hd dash cam

1. 24/7 surveillance: The Falcon Zero Touch HD dash camera can get power round the clock. This will ensure that you will not miss any details of the events that may take place while you are away the camera will record.

2. GPS: This falcon zero GPS module feature ensures that you can video-record in full HD while still getting access to GPS data. The software in the dash camera will enable you to see your travel on Google maps and locate new places that you might want to visit. The speed, bearing as well as the weather forecast for that day is part of the information that your GPS will readily offer to you.

3. Four-inch screen: The screen simplifies the use of this camera. You are in a position to access all features, and the fly adjustments are simple enough. The scratch resistant display ensures that you will always have a clear view of your photos and videos. You are also able to play back footage so that you can get updated on what happened while you were not around.

4. Full HD 1080P Hi-Definition: You will enjoy extreme clarity on all that you may want to view using this dash camera. It is compatible with micro USB power port as well as the USB car charger.

5. Multi-vehicle use: This dash camera has two docking stations. You can, therefore, attach it to two different vehicles if there is a need. In the case that one docking station does not work, the other station will always come in handy.

Battery and Compatibility

The battery for this camera has the Intelli-Batt Anti-Battery Drain Technology. This technology ensures that the battery can withstand the continuous flow of power for a lifetime without depreciating. Whenever there are power blackouts, the battery can continue powering the camera without draining for a considerable amount of time.

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Note Worth

The Falcon Zero Touch HD Review has cited the expensiveness of this dash camera. It is, however, a worthy investment to make as there are more features that you will enjoy. The value of this camera is made to match the indicated price.

Also, many users have cited the lack of zooming in capability in this camera.  The clarity that this camera will offer you overcomes this shortcoming. The simplicity of use and navigation makes it a worthy investment as well.