Falcon Zero F360 Review: Best Mirror Mounted Dash Cam

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4.3/5 on July 28, 2017

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  1. This camera is simple to install
  2. It provides superior viewing angles
  3. Comes a with Micro SD slot that can support up to 32GB


  1. The F360 only runs when the vehicle is on


If you have been searching for a reliable dash cam which not only provides solid performance but impressive affordability as well, then the Falcon Zero F360+ dash cam is a good solution


The Falcon Zero F360 HD dash cam comes with an excellent 1080p resolution camera for high-quality recording capabilities.

In fact, the Falcon zero f360+ dash cam features two cameras, and both have 180-degree rotation features with an outstanding 120-degree viewing angle to match.

With such exceptional viewing angles, the recording capabilities are virtually endless since you can record on the super widescreen position both cameras on the front section.

Best of all, the loop feature goes a long way in ensuring that you never have to hassle with memory storage. While some dash cams can suction to the windshield, this often becomes inconveniencing especially if the suction becomes looses and falls off each time.

For this reason, this dash cam is designed to clamp to the rear view mirror of your vehicle.

Design and hardware

The manufacturers of Falcon Zero F360 have done well to make it both compact and powerful at the same time. In particular, this camera takes up a minimal amount of space in the car, such that it’s hardly noticeable.

More so, the camera features a powerful camera that can record 1080p quality videos for unique quality.  Best of all, this unit features an SD card slot for convenience when it comes to storing your recorded clips.

Aside from its high-end features. It also has a sleek and contemporary styling that makes it an appealing addition to your vehicle.

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Falcon Zero F360+


Installation clamps, superior viewing angles and more: The Falcon Zero F360 features special clamps that can be integrated into the rear view mirror to provide the ideal viewing angles.

This dash cam is much better than the conventional cameras that have to sit on the dashboard. While some dash cams can suction to the windshield of your vehicle.

This often becomes inconveniencing when the suction starts becoming loose.  This camera comes factory configured which makes it a breeze to install.

Ample sized mirror and microphone for sound recording: The manufacturers of this cam have also done well to include the in built microphone. That captures sound with the unique quality.

This camera goes a long way in improving the precision of an incident and your driving experience as well. You can easily place this camera on your rear view mirror and enjoy a larger, safer rear view mirror.

It also provides convenience in that that as soon as you start the car, the recorder is automatically triggered and ready to record without the need for user configuration.

Designed to leave a small footprint: Another benefit of using this dash cam is that fact that it aims to leave a small footprint in your vehicle and to cause minimal distractions to the driver.

With its unique cord management system, this unit comes an ultra long power cord. This cable can be placed around the interior cabin of the vehicle and integrated into the 12v power adapter for convenience.

HD cameras with an auto record and ultra view: Once you start the car, the dash cam is also activated and without any need for user intervention. Best of all, this unit will automatically shut off when the vehicle is turned off for added convenience.

With the two cameras, you can achieve an outstanding 240-degree view to provide unique recording capability.

All you need to do is to adjust the camera in the same direction and by using the LCD screen, such that you can keep improving the view.

Loop recording and real mirror with night vision: Users have the option of recording in loops that time in between 3, 5 or 10 videos. This type of recording can go a long way in ensuring that the SD Card does not fill up too quickly and captures lots of content.

Look into z-edge z3 which is another type of loop recording dash cam. Unlike the conventional camera that comes with a reflective and dark coating.

The Falcon Zero F360+ comes with a real mirror for optimal convenience. This goes a long way in improving the field of view due to its improved size.

You can also enable night mode to improve recording in poorly lit areas or perhaps during the night. This will helps to capture the minute details when driving at night.

3.5 inch LCD screen with HDMI input: The inclusion of the in-built screen provides various functionalities. No need the computer to change settings, you can change it by using the display.

Also, the screen also provides real-time footage of the recordings, playback photos and clips as well. With the inclusion of the HDMI 1.3 input, all you need is to just plug this dash cam into an HDMI ready TV to view pictures and footage.

Power and compatibility: The manufacturers have done well to ensure that, this dash cam powered via the cars electrical circuit.

In this way, you never have to worry about replacing batteries or avoid overcharging since the camera acquires power directly from the vehicle.

In fact, once you start the car, the camera turns on and starts recording about your configured settings. Best of all, this camera is compatible with almost any vehicle model since its simple to install.

It can clamp directly onto the rearview mirror of the vehicle and with compact design that leaves a small footprint in your vehicle

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Note that Worth: Is the Falcon Zero F360 Powerful in its Range?

Broadly speaking, when it comes to choosing the ideal dash cam for your needs, there are various important factors that you should consider.

For instance, the price range in relation the feature set available and design quality of the components as well. In this case, the dashboard camera definitely provides the best value for your investment due to its exceptional performance.

The camera can record HD content with unique viewing angles and its simple to install as well. Featuring a Micro SD slot for convenient recording and sleek design, this dash cam is as stylish as it is practical.