Falcon zero f170 HD Review: A Parking Security Featured Dash Cam

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4.5/5 on August 27, 2017

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  1. It’s easy to adjust due to swivel ball joint.
  2. Has a large screen that allows you to see what you are recording real time.
  3. It’s effortless to install.
  4. Comes with embedded GPS tracking software that enables you to track your movements.
  5. Has a unique gravity sensor that detects any vibration or sudden stop. The G-sensor activates an automatic lock which preserves your footage.


  1. Its software does not work well with all windows versions.
  2. Cannot be used a webcam due to the poor quality of footage when used as a webcam.


The Falcon Zero F170 HD+ dash cam is a unique product worth investing in for your car safety.

The dash cam has many important features that monitor your movement and safeguard you from errant drivers.

It’s an ideal camera for motorists who value their lives and that f their passengers. It boasts of extraordinary eyesight that enables it to produce high-quality videos.

There isn’t a reason to worry when driving at night because this Falcon zero f170 HD dash camera has a powerful night vision which makes it easy to document every moment of your journey.

It is easy to install this dash cam as it comes with a ready suction mount and swivel joint that allows you to turn it in all directions this helps you record the details of a vehicle suppose you suspect you are being trailed.

You can also turn it sideways to record any communication with a randy police officer. This camera helps in cases of hit and run where it records everything and locks the footage.

If your car gets involved in an accident, you can take the photos which assist the insurance company to assess the damage. You ought not to worry about switching it on and off because it has the auto-recording feature which enables it to record automatically.

The camera starts working when you turn on your engine and goes off when you the engine stops. The dashboard camera comes with a 10 feet power cord for easier wiring thus saving you the unnecessary distraction caused by poorly mounted cameras. What makes this dash cam stand out among its peers is the extra sensitive G-Sensor.

This feature detects any sudden vibration when the car is running. Together with this is a built-in feature that allows you to enter your vehicle’s license plate number. The True HD 1080P feature enables it to capture the license number details of all vehicles within its full range.

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falcon zero f170 Dash Cam

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Design and Hardware

This device delivers bright wide-angle images courtesy of its Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology. It has an extended camera range that enables it covers a vast span between dark and bright areas in the image.

It offers an optional sound option, which means you can record clear audios to accompany the videos. The GPS coordinates enable you to track your movements using Google maps. It helps you see not only your location but also the speed.

This software also provides details such as time and date of the footage. The Falcon zero f170 records in the MOV format and has a loop recording feature.

You can record a clip lasting 3,5 or 10 minutes as you drive to and from work. When the memory fills up, the camera overwrites the old videos to create room for new footage.

The loop feature allows you to lock great clips and protect them from being written over. Given that it comes with a 64GBSD card it will record an approximate number of 500 videos before it starts to overwrite your old recordings.

It also gives you an option for continuous recording in case you prefer long videos. This unit locks the current clip automatically when it detects a crash.


Ultra HD Photos: Falcon Zero F170 HD+ allows you to take ultra photos as you drive. These pictures are of high quality and will become handy if you get involved in an accident. They support the evidence from the footage and serve as proof in the event of a crash.

Night Vision: Remember to enable the night mode for enhanced recording at night or in areas with poor lighting. It helps capture the minor details seen at night while driving. This feature acts as your night guard as they record all details in explicit videos.

2.7” Wide LCD: The device has a big LCD that captures everything from its view. However, it’s small enough to be discreet, so nobody notices it. You can watch the video playback o this video when necessary.

Motion Sensor and Parking Security Features: You should set your camera to detect motion only to enable it to turn on when it senses an impact or movement. The camera detects and records any movement of up to 30 feet away until when the motion stops.

The sensors function even when the vehicle is in the parking lot. It senses any vibration and turns on automatically. The dash cam utilizes the battery power when the engine is off and records for 10 seconds.

Plate Log: The camera has a built-in feature that enables you to enter the license plate details of other vehicles in the DVR. This feature helps you identify these cars and their identity features.

HDMI 1.3 Output: The HDMI output allows you to plug into any HDMI compatible TV or Laptop, and watch your videos on a big screen. You simply have to connect the camera and begin viewing your full footage.

Battery and Compatibility

The battery is very compatible and durable. It’s recommended to use the car power to run the camera when driving. Use the battery power when your car is parked. The camera comes with a built-in battery that allows you to record the movements and motions around the car.

Note that Worth: Can the Falcon zero f170 HD+ Dash Cam Be the Perfect One?

Falcon Zero F170 HD+ dash cam is a feature-rich camera that satisfies your road security needs. Apart from the standard features, it has substantial extras like the GPS which helps you locate your coordinates.

Unlike other cameras; it doesn’t require downloading or transferring of data. You can connect to the TV and watch your videos and photos directly. It is affordable as compared to its peers with the same features.