7 Reasons to Buy Dash Cam Immediately For Your Vehicle

7 Reasons to Buy Dash Cam Immediately For Your Vehicle

Mahedi Hasan 3:12 am

Many motorists have decided to buy dash cam for their vehicles because of many reasons. This camera comes with many benefits that make it a must-have for many road users.

For the newbie, a dash cam is a camera installed on your car’s dashboard or windshield. Others fit well in rear mirrors giving you the rare chance of seeing what is behind you.

Dash cameras help in recording your movement on the road. They document everything happening within their view and inside the car. You don’t need to punish your spouse because of a rumor of him cheating on you in the family car.

The dash cam records every event and the time of happening. Above all, it’s imperative to buy a dash cam that suits your taste and security needs. Here are the top seven factors s why you should purchase a dash cam immediately.

The Reasons to Buy Dash Cam

The reason to buy dash cam

1. Evidence in Case of an Accident

The main reason to buy dash cam, why many people invest in dash cam is to record every activity that happens on the road. Dashboard cameras help to identify the driver that caused an accident thereby providing enough proof in case of an accident.

Imagine losing your loved ones together with the car because of lack of evidence. A dash cam has a gravity sensor that detects a crash or change in motion. The G-sensor activates the camera to record events happening 30 seconds before and after the accident.

The cams have a video lock feature that protects the footage from getting written over, or anyone getting unauthorized access. This footage shows everything that happened before the accident. Cameras with dual lens record what happens ahead and behind your car.

You shouldn’t lose a case because you don’t have an eyewitness. Save your money, time and trouble by getting a dash cam today.

2. Reporting Indiscipline Drivers

Have you ever encountered a driver who overtakes you like they are on a journey to the moon? Ever seen a driver who changes lanes without following the traffic rules simply because there’s no cop watching?

Maybe you are familiar with the one who beeps noisily and shows you a middle finger when you look his way. Well, you can stop this nonsense with a dash cam video. Many states in America have centers where you can report reckless drivers.

Various accidents occur due to over-speeding and disregard of the law. Many states outlawed texting and making phone calls while on the wheels, but some drivers do it in total disregard of road safety.

Sadly, you can’t report these drivers if you lack supporting evidence. Dash cameras capture most of such happenings thereby providing you a golden opportunity of stopping indiscipline on the road. So this is a reason to buy dash cam.

3. Perfect Spying Tool

Are you the type that is generous with their car but every time you give out, you must take it to the garage? Have you hired a driver to manage your taxi business and aren’t sure if he offers you the right money?

Maybe you have a teenager who uses your car, but you aren’t sure where he goes. A dash cam provides the necessary surveillance that puts you in control of your vehicle. Some cameras come with GPS feature which indicates time, mileage, speed and place where an event occurred.

You will have enough evidence to ask your friend to foot the repair charges. You will also monitor your car whenever it gets in your son’s hands.

4. Insurance Fraud Prevention

Insurance fraud affects both the driver and the insurance companies. Making false claims drain the insurance companies’ finances and also work against your integrity.

Some drivers fake accidents and even admit themselves in health facilities to reap big from insurance companies. They also extort money from innocent drivers who lack evidence to disapprove their outrageous allegations.

Sadly some reports reveal the collaboration between these criminals and truant insurance staff. A dash camera will show everything that happened, thereby eliminating incidences of fraud.

Innocent road users can as well provide the evidence that unmasks the fraudulent deals. Avoid being a victim of scammers by getting a dash cam immediately.

5. Best Tool for Worrying Parents

Parents with school-going children can opt to delegate the role of dropping their children to various places. Children behave differently in the absence of parents. You can use the dash camera o monitor their behaviors inside the car.

The dash cam also shows you how the driver behaves when left alone with your children. You don’t want to risk your family’s lives in the hands of a careless driver. Is’n a reason to buy dash cam? Yeah is it.

6. Other Important Functions

High-quality cameras have significant features that can benefit you in many ways. Some have audible notifications that update about the recording progress.

This feature notifies you in the case of a problem with the camera of when the memory gets depleted. The GPS feature helps you track your location and speed.

You will also manage your journey hassle free. Cameras with low battery usage features utilize little battery power during recording.

This feature is important because dashboards that use battery power last longer than those drawing power from the car battery. The loop recording feature enables you to record as many videos as possible.

The Video lock feature protects these exciting videos from getting overwritten. Enjoy these features by getting a car camcorder today

7. Prevent Parking Accidents

The reason to buy dash cam, reversing your car in a car park can be challenging to both experienced and inexperienced drivers. Maybe you are late for a meeting, and you parked your car in an overcrowded park. You need someone to help you to reverse well without knocking or scratching other vehicles.

A dash cam will save you the trouble of pleading with rude parking lot staff for assistance. Most dual cameras show you everything behind you thereby preventing parking accidents.

On the other hand, the G-sensor on your car records any motion near your vehicle. The footage comes handy in case your neighbor scratches your car while leaving the parking lot.

The Parting Shot

A dashboard camera is a worthy investment for any road user who is serious about highway safety. There are various panels with different features on the market today.

You can install these simple devices on your dashboard or windshield within a short of time. Different dash cams come at different prices.

You should buy dash cam according to your financial capability and preference. We hope this guide will help you know why you need to purchase a dashboard immediately. If you a trucker, you will find the full list of 5 best dash cam including their short reviews here