Blacksys ch-100b Review: Best 2 Channel Dash Cam

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3.9/5 on July 31, 2017

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1. Has a real parking mode which helps you conserve energy and memory space.

2. Two HD cameras that capture everything on the road.

3. Has a G-sensor that turns on the recording in the event of an accident or motion (during parking.)

4. Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to transfer videos on to your phone.


1. Does not have a screen.

3. Does not allow GPS tagging unless you buy a separate GPS unit.


The Blacksys CH-100b is a well designed dual camera with an easy to use interface. It combines parking mode, Wi-Fi, GPS and a sleek, compact design among other features that make it a must-buy item.

It’s a great bargain for anyone shopping for a dual camera today. Unlike other cameras, this dash Cam is suitable for international use because its interface allows the use of many languages.

The blacksys ch-100b gadget uses Sony CMOS sensor for motion and parking detection which is essential for any dash cam. Many users rate it as having the most user-friendly Wi-Fi app as compared to other models of the same budget.

The video quality is high just like its detection sensitivity. The camera works well at different temperatures and light intensities. One significant advantage is the sharpness of the videos recorded at night.

The camera captures all information on the license plate for all vehicles within its view. You won’t be disappointed when transferring the videos. The camera offers you an option of choosing between the data from the rear camera and that from the front one.

Unlike other dual cameras, the CH-100B dual cam has three options for GPS use. You can adjust it to display speed, set time zone and turn it off when in a parking mode. Get this camera today for convenience and excellent road security surveillance.

Design and Hardware

Many features put this dashboard camera on top of the list. The front camera has a maximum resolution of 1920 x 720 P and recording rate of 6mb per second. It has a compact and classy design, and it weighs 98g. The camera comes with a Sony CMOS sensor which enhances its motion detection.

You won’t be disappointed with the rear cam because of its quality features. These functions include a maximum resolution of 1280 x 720 P and a bit rate of 4 MB per second. With these qualities, you get assured of quality videos.

This gadget offers a low voltage cutoff option and an optional external GPS. Although it doesn’t have a screen, it supports Wi-Fi, which means you can monitor it via an IOS or Android Smartphone. It supports memory cards of up to 128 GB which means you can record for a whole day without interruption.

There are four buttons on the front camera. They include an emergency button for saving your footage, two for raising and lowering the volume and one for toggling the Wi-Fi.

You have an option for configuring the Balcksys CH-100b using a tablet or Smartphone. Using the available apps on this camera is easy. Some of the available configuration settings include;

  • Setting up the memory card.
  • Adjusting the G-Sensor sensitivity.
  • Adjusting the brightness of the two cameras.
  • Setting up the voltage cutoffs to save the battery.
  • Customizing the motion detection to any part of the screen.
  • Turning the GPS on and off when in parking mode and configuring the standby time.

The camera comes with cable holder clips, adhesive mounts, cigar power cord and a 16GB SD card. You will also get the rear connecting the cable, car charger, user manual, and a Wi-Fi dongle.

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blacksys ch-100b


Megapixel Sony Sensor: The dash cam has a CMOS sensor that detects motion when the car is parked. It also detects a crash and records footage. Unlike other cameras, this dashboard camera extends the recording by 5 seconds. It starts recording when you start the car and stops when the engine comes to a halt.

Wi-Fi Connectivity: You can watch your footage via your phone. This gadget works well with OS iOS and Android phones. This feature makes it easy to review your videos and change the camera settings from any place at any time.

Extended Storage: Even though the camera comes with a 16 GB SD card, it allows you to use a memory card with 128 GB. With this card, your cameras can record for the whole day without interfering with your old videos

Loop Recording: This device has a loop recording feature which allows the camera to overwrite the old videos when the memory card fills up. With this is the file lock feature which automatically locks the last footage in case an accident occurs.

Voltage Detection: You will benefit from a detection of tension feature for hard-wiring applications. The feature helps you save battery power when in the parking mode.

Battery and Compatibility

The device has a long-lasting battery that lasts for up to five hours. The battery functions when the vehicle stops. It charges directly via the cigar power cable. The 2 channel dash camera comes with a direct hardwire power cable for direct charging of the cameras.

Blacksys ch-100b needs connecting to their app to get it working available both on Google Play and Apple Store.

Investment Worth: Is blacksys ch-100b in Your Price Range?

In conclusion, the dash cam has many useful features and excellent applications that enhance clear recording. Its video quality is okay given that it has a two-way system. The camera is very reliable and easy to install.

It has adhesive mounts that ensure its stability when driving. With mobile app. integration, Wi-Fi connectivity, and Car parking mode, this camera is the best dual dash camera on the market today.

The camera is discrete and records perfectly both at night and during the day. It has a warranty of one year and a lifetime responsive customer service. This dashboard camera makes you what you spend.