5 Best Rear View Mirror Backup Camera With Night Vision

5 Best Rear View Mirror Backup Camera With Night Vision

Mahedi Hasan 7:08 pm

Having a best rear view mirror backup camera is essential for any driver that values road safety. The devices are small attachments that back up your primary camera, thereby ensuring maximum clarity and image quality.

The rear view mirror backup dash cam also provides proper surveillance of your parking lot when reversing or parking your car. You will get a wide-angle view of the area behind your vehicle which will enable you to park or reverse safely.

The full dynamic range of these gadgets is more useful than that of a rear mirror.  In most cases, these rear view mirror camera system reviews don’t require an extra battery as they function by plugging in the cigarette lighter.

Road safety is important, and you shouldn’t  take it for granted. Although the camera backups won’t stop the accident from happening, they can prevent it by guiding you as you drive. They also help when it comes to compensation by the insurance, and as evidence in court cases.

List of The Best Rear View Mirror Backup Camera

Product NameWeightDisplayPrice
AUTO VOX Wireless Reverse Camera2.09 pounds4.3" LCD Display Check Price
NEXGADGET Dual Lens Car Camera1.85 pounds4.5" IPS Touch Screen Check Price
Pyle- Best Backup Car Camera2.2 pounds4.3" LCD Display Check Price
AUTO-VOX M6 Touch Screen Backup Camera2 pounds4.5'' Touch Screen Check Price
SENDOW In-Mirror Backup Camera1.8 pounds4.5" IPS Touch Screen Check Price

1. AUTO VOX Wireless Reverse Camera

AUTO VOX Wireless Backup Dash Camera


Auto VOX Is a wireless best reverse camera for cars that combines both efficiency and class. Installing this rear view mirror wireless camera is as easy as ABC and doesn’t require technological know-how. The important thing is mounting the camera on the windshield and connecting the wireless transmitter.

This unique device comes with a powerful rear view with a digital HD image processor. It gives you clear pictures of everything behind your car as you concentrate on driving. The camera adjusts its brightness according to the environmental light intensity.

It comes with an auto-adjusting brightness feature that reduces the glaring or dazzling on the 4.3-inch L.C.D.  The waterproof feature enables you to drive and survey the road uninterrupted even during the rainy season.

It’s paramount to have a rearview mirror backup camera for your highway safety. It monitors the oncoming vehicles and keeps you in touch with everything going on around you. You can capture the details of the license plates of the cars behind you, thereby protecting yourself from harm in case you get trailed.

The rear view mirror dash camera functions hassle-free as it only requires mounting and connecting the wireless transmitter.This gadget doesn’t need charging as it uses the car power directly. You only have to connect your AUTO VOX wireless camera into the car cigarette lighter.

Usage & Design

The rear backup camera wireless helps to prevent cases of hit and run. Imagine if a careless driver hits your car from behind and speeds off. You will be forced to part with extra cash for the repairs as the criminal driver wines and dines with friends.

Some of the accidents can turn fatal especially if you have your kids in the car. If a collision happens at night, or in a deserted area, you will never get compensation or know the culprit.

However, installing the rear view backup camera helps you track down the rogue driver. You can also use the recorded clips to reinforce your case against the offender.

This device also comes with a wireless parking assistance system that guides you when reversing or parking your car. Unlike the rearview mirror, this mirror backup camera provides a wider view that enables to see everything clearly as you park or reverse your vehicle.

The installation process of AUTO VOX Wireless rearview mirror backup camera takes a shorter time as compared to other backups. You start by installing the backup mirror over the existing rear view mirror using the adjustable straps.

The second step is to mounting the camera on the license plate mount and connecting it to the wireless transmitter; you can then locate the reverse bulbs and check their total voltage before connecting antenna wires to the reverse light.

The last step is adjusting the camera angle as per your desires and cutting off the green jumper wire. Your backup is ready for use with this simple procedure. You can now drive safely!


  • Has IP 68 LED which is Waterproof.
  • Comes with a stable wireless transmission.
  • Comes with a cigarette lighter plug-in cable.
  • Has powerful six high Brightness LEDs that turn on and off automatically.
  • Has a clear night vision due to its digital high- definition image processor.

Color: Black.

Supported OS: None.

Available On: Amazon

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2. NEXGADGET Dual Lens Car Camera

NEXGADGET Car Dash Camera


The NEXAGET Car Camera with a dual lens is an essential device for all motorists who want to document the happenings on the road. This Nexgdget R series item comes with many features that make it a must-have for drivers who value their lives. You can use the dash cam to record your road adventures and even share them on youtube.

Additionally, the device is helpful in recording the events on the road such as license plate numbers of reckless drivers. Some states encourage citizen participation in maintaining highway safety by reporting offenders. It’s difficult to say the careless drivers without sufficient evidence.

Many civilians who report the reckless drivers lose cases because of lack of sufficient evidence.  Having the NEXAGET rear view backup camera helps you record the real offense and report it with full evidence. This best backup camera comes with dual channel system featuring front and back cameras.

The two ensure you record everything happening behind and in front of the car as you cruise to work in the morning. Unlike other units, this dash cam stream two high-quality videos at the same time at a high resolution.

Usage & Design

The gadget is weatherproof thereby affording you a chance of recording your videos uninterrupted. You can record and view footage from both cameras simultaneously because of the picture-in-picture display feature.

This weatherproof backup camera is helpful when reversing your car because of its wide view range. It serves as a reversing aid thereby saving you the trouble f having someone physically behind your vehicle. It has an emergency lock feature which allows you to lock the recorded footage in case of an accident.

This feature is in addition to the Gravity sensor that detects a collision and activates the recording mode. This feature also automates a lock of the footage showing a few minutes before and after the accident. The camera records uninterrupted for a long time because It has a loop recording feature that enables the camera to overwrite old videos to give room for new footage.

NEXGADGET Car Camera has an anti-dazzling blue screen mirror that protects you from distraction when driving in bright light. This feature enhances fast cruising during sunny periods or in bright light at night.

This dash cam has an LPS Touchscreen measuring 4.5 inches. The menu interface is friendly and has large icons and buttons which enable you to operate hassle-free. You can opt to turn off the screen manually by short pressing the power button. You will also get a one year warranty when you purchase this camera.

Installing the NEXGADGET Car Camera offers you a rare opportunity of monitoring everywhere your vehicle goes and what happens on the road.


  • Loop recording.
  • Has dual channel system.
  • It comes with a built-in speaker.
  • Powerful G-sensor and Parking mode.
  • A Large display screen of 4.5 inches.
  • It Offers an Anti-dazzling screen mirror.
  • Comes with one button emergency lock feature.
  • Front Camera has a maximum resolution of 1080p.
  • 150 Ultrawide View for front camera and 120 degrees for the rear camera.

Color: Black.

Supported OS: None.

Available On: Amazon

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3. Pyle- Best Backup Car Camera

Pyle Backup Car Dash Camera


Having a best rear view camera on the rear end of your car is the best way of protecting yourself and other occupants of your vehicle. These cameras function as primary rearview mirrors but with the camera lens. These lenses provide you with a clear view of what is in your car as your reverse.

Pyle Backup Car camera is essential when changing your vehicle. Whether you are parking or reversing the car, this camera will help you monitor everything within its view. This gadget contributes to preventing running into your child as you shift your truck. It’s easy to install this backup camera as it doesn’t require technological knowledge.

This camera is waterproof and fog resistant thereby enabling you to monitor your driving in all types of weather.  The camera has a 170 degrees viewing angle that turns on automatically when you engage the reverse gear. This camera is a best auto backup camera and a great investment that can save your life and money.

Pyle Backup camera will help you identify the license plate details of the car trailing you. Maybe it’s your ex-girlfriend planning revenge or someone with ill motives. Having a rear backup camera helps you avoid this kind of danger. Motorists experience many cases of hit and run accidents when driving at night.

The Pyle backup car camera comes with a night vision feature that enables clear recording at night or in areas with insufficient lighting. The camera helps you record the footage of events leading to an accident. This footage helps in court cases and when seeking compensation from your insurer.

Sometimes it’s hard to get eyewitnesses to testify in the event of an accident, thereby letting the guilty driver off the hook. Failure to win a case or get compensated causes untold suffering to you and your family.

Many people in the US lose lives daily due to reckless driving. Many crash videos that the police use is a product of dash cameras. Installing a quality dash cam such as  Pyle Backup camera protects you from road carnages. You can monitor every car within your view and adjust the speed accordingly.

The back lines help when reversing the car by detecting objects behind you. It’s sad to kill your son when changing due to poor visibility. This camera shows you objects under your vehicle and those behind your vehicle. This camera has universal sized clips and can be used as the rearview mirror.

Usage & Design

Unlike ordinary rear view mirrors, Pyle Backup camera has a kit with an accurate distance scale line display which enhances proper parking and reversing. It also comes with reverse parking sensors that guide drivers when parking.

Another essential characteristic is its large LCD monitor screen that provides a clear view of the recordings. You can connect the camera to two video sources at the same time. Additionally, the rugged rearview camera has true color reproduction thereby providing clear images both at night and during the day.

It has the color image production and the automatic white balance which make your videos and images clear.  It’s easy to set up Pyle backup rear camera either by mounting to the license plate or replacing the existing rear view mirror. Purchasing this gadget will help you reverse into a tight parking spot quickly.


  • Waterproof and night vision.
  • Accurate Distance scale lines.
  • Has a 4.3 inches mirror display.
  • 420 TV Lines horizontal resolution.
  • Backup reverse camera automatic trigger.
  • True color reproduction and auto-white balance.
  • It has an adjustable viewing angle of 170 degrees.

Supported OS: None.

Color: Black.

Available On: Amazon

4. AUTO-VOX M6 Touch Screen Backup Camera

AUTO-VOX M6 Backup Dash Camera


The benefits of installing a rear view mirror backup camera outweigh the negatives if any. AUTO- VOX M6 rear view mirror backup camera comes with a large touch screen measuring 4.5 inches. It’s easy to operate the touchscreen menu of this backup camera as it only requires fingertip touches.

Be sure of getting high-quality images with this unique device the camera gives full HD pictures recorded in different light intensities. It has a sensitive image processor and 6 LED lights that enable it to produce quality clips both during the day and at night. The main importance of this gadget is to guide you when parking your car it shows clear images automatically

The AUTO-VOX M6 Backup could be the only solution especially if you get involved in an accident. It guides you when parking your truck thereby preventing accidents. In case of an accident, it provides sufficient evidence in the form of a clear footage. This device stores enough data and monitors everything happening in your car.

You will identify the driver who hit our car just as you can monitor the traffic behind your truck. Unlike ordinary rear view mirrors, this gadget has a motion detection feature which ensures it records everything before and shortly after an accident.

Many people lose compensation from insurances due to lack of evidence. Other divers get imprisoned for mistakes they didn’t commit. Imagine a situation where a kid rams his bicycle into the rear side of the car and dies on the spot. They will accuse you of causing a fatal accident.

The repercussions are severe given that you can earn you a jail term for manslaughter or other grave offense. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life behind bars, or awaiting the gallows.

Installing the AUTO-VOX M6 rear view mirror backup camera can save you in such cases. Apart from high-quality photos, you will get clear footage documenting everything.

Usage & Design:

The camera has an easy-to-use interface with a full touchscreen. It has a decent night vision mode that enables you to record uninterrupted even at night. The backup is advantageous because it has both front and rear cameras. These cameras allow you to document everything going on behind and ahead of you.

The rear view backup camera has a full HD video resolution of 1280 P, whereas the front camera records at a resolution of 1080P. The device also comes with a front view angle of 165 degrees and a rear view angle of 170 degrees. Installing this car camera backup takes a little time and doesn’t require technological knowledge.

You need to bind it in front of your rear view mirror. The M6 rear view mirror backup camera helps you to save time, money and life. It’s discrete and matches the body of your car just like other any other part. The rear view mirror backup camera indicates parking image automatically when you engage the reverse gear.


  • Parking mode recording.
  • Full HD Video recording.
  • Powerful motion detection.
  • Large Touchscreen interface.
  • Has dual lens (front and Rear).
  • Automatic parking mode display.

Color: Black.

Supported OS: None.

Available On: Amazon

5. SENDOW In-Mirror Backup Camera

rear view mirror camera


SENDOW Dashboard Camera defines the actual meaning of a quality rear view mirror backup camera. Its qualities surpass those of many cameras within the same budget bracket.

The dash cam has both front and rear view cameras that help in covering everything happening on the road. With the weatherproof rear camera, you are sure to record uninterrupted despite the weather condition. This rear camera of this gadget has a recording angle of 140 degrees, while the front camera boasts of 150 degrees viewing angle.

Unlike the standard mirror, SENDOW in mirror dashboard camera records events continuously due to the loop recording feature. This feature enables the camera to overwrite the old videos to provide room for incoming videos. The camera supports an SD card of up to 32 GB, which enhances seamless recording for a whole day.

The memory Card has enough space to accommodate a full day recording. Like other dash cameras, SENDOW comes with a robust G-sensor system that gets activated when it detects a gravity force or impact.

It automatically turns on the recording a few minutes before and after the crash. This feature records relevant footage that comes handy in case of a court case.

Usage & Design:

Having a rear view backup camera is essential because it guides the driver when parking the car or when coming out of the parking lot. Reversing a car proves hard especially for rookie drivers. It’s hard to see everything that’s behind or under the car as you reverse.

You can quickly knock down children playing behind the car, or run over those who love sleeping under cars. Sometimes it becomes difficult to monitor every movement of your kids and those of your neighbors at home. You should prevent these accidents by getting the SENDOW in-Mirror dashboard camera.

This device has an automatic reverse feature, which enables the camera to start recording when you engage the reverse gear. The dual cameras record different footages which you can watch at the same time. It comes with a large IPS Touchscreen on a large display screen measuring 4.5 inches.

The interface has large buttons which enhance hassle-free operation as you drive. You don’t want to get distracted as you reset the interface. Most motorists find it hard when driving on a bright sunny morning. The brightness creates dazzling images in the car mirror.

However, with the inclusion of SENDOW your mirror has anti-dazzling features that enhance clear view as you cruise on your way to work. It’s easy to install and use this camcorder on your truck or car. You only have to fit it on your existing mirror and install the cable inside the cabin.

Unlike other cameras, the SENDOW rear view mirror backup camera doesn’t use its battery. You have to plug it into the cigarette lighter so that it uses the car power to record your footages.


  • Dual-lens camera.
  • Loop recording feature.
  • Comes with a 6G dual lens.
  • Waterproof rear camera.
  • Full HD Rear recording.
  • Has an anti-glare blue film.
  • Gravity-Sensor and car parking mode.
  • High recording resolution of both cameras.

Color: Black.

Supported OS: None.

Available On: Amazon

The best rear view mirror backup cameras are weatherproof thereby enhancing continuous recording. These dash cams also have a G-sensor that detects an accident and initiate recording. The cameras discussed here will help you prevent accidents and drive for long without interruptions.

Our detailed collection is a reflection of personal experiences, user reviews, and research. Many people fail to purchase quality dash cams due to lack of information.

This guide provides the main features of these dash cams. It’s aimed at helping you make an informed purchase. It’s advisable to buy a rear view mirror backup camera that works for your car. You can source these gadgets from reliable and authentic online markets. Your decision to purchase the cameras goes a long way to protect your life and that of other road users.