AUTO-VOX T1400 Review: A License Plate Backup Camera

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3.9/5 on August 21, 2017

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1. It’s very affordable.

2. It’s easy to install.

3. It has an auto-adjusting brightness feature.

4. It’s compatible with many car models.

5. It comes with a full installation package.


1. Poor reverse view due to the setup of the LCD in the mirror.

2. It hinders the effectiveness of the mirror both during the day and night.


The AUTO-VOX T1400 is an excellent camera backup designed to record your movement through the rear view mirror. This device is a rear view mirror camera that saves you the agony of having an extra monitor on your windshield.

It creates room for those whose windshield can’t fit a camera or simply dislike the clumsiness of mounting a camera of the windscreen. You can use this backup quickly because it displays everything in the rear view mirror.

Placing a backup of the rear view mirror enables you to watch everything that’s happening behind you.

The AUTO-VOX T1400 best license plate backup camera system provides explicit videos and gives you a clear idea of what is going on behind you. Unlike Dash cams which are noticed by outsiders.

This backup device is discreet, and only the user knows of its existence. Just like the rear cameras, it captures the happenings next to your vehicle, and relay them to your camera. You shouldn’t miss out on anything that a camera with a limited comprehensive view misses.

 This backup captures objects within a wide range. Buying the Auto-Vox T1400 is advantageous because it serves you both as a rear view mirror and a video monitor.

It displays the view to the rear camera as well as showing you what is happening behind your car. The gadget matches your vehicle making it an overall natural look.

 Instead of choosing the backup cameras that require clipping on your windshield, pick this customized and quality rear mirror. It not only makes your car attractive but also guides your cruising.

It’s easier to replace this mirror given that it’s compatible with many car models on the market today. This mirror monitor model can be adapted to fit in your model or customized as per your desires.

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Design and Hardware

 The License Plate Backup Camera has a feature that adjusts brightness thereby making the images and videos clear. The 4.3 LCD monitor doesn’t experience severe issues such as glaring or dazzling when recording.

The Auto-Vox backup helps you when parking your car. It displays a parking image when you engage the R gear. The rearview mirror works well when installed on most car models including, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan and Hyundai among others.

 The installation process is easy as it doesn’t require technological know-how….

However, If you don’t know the setup process, it’s imperative to use the services of a technician. The backup is compatible with several videos inputs including AV1, VCD, DVD, and GPS.

The full package comes with a default brackets that fit on different car models. You will also get cables harness for video and power input, a wire casing kit and the user’s installation guide.

 The manufacturer also advises buyers whose brackets fail to fit on their cars to contact the customer care department for a replacement.

This mirror has a digital TFT LCD and uses up to 12 volts (DC). It measures 4.3 inches and has a brightness of 750cd per meters squared. It comes with an AUTO signal system and has a display ratio of 16.9.


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Best License Plate Backup Camera

Auto Brightness Adjustment: The License Plate Backup Camera has one unique feature of this mirror is the auto Brightness adjustment. The 4.3-inch screen adjusts automatically according to the lighting in the environment.

The display increases its brightness to enhance the overall appearance of the image. When driving in dark areas or at night, the mirror decreases its intensity in order not to raise the driver’s gaze.

With this mirror, you are sure of seeing what is behind you especially when driving at night or through a dark tunnel. Its brightness adjustment feature enables you to see clearly without the distractions from the glaring light during sunny days.

Compatibility: This mirror is compatible with a big number of car models. The license plate backup camera manufacturer allows customers to ask for replacements in case the mirrors fail to fit appropriately.

This device works excellently on models like Toyota, Mazda, Hyundai, and Ford. It also comes with customized brackets for most models. You can buy the appropriate bracket mount for fitting on your car from the primary dealers.

Parking Assistant: The T1400 shows you the objects behind you even before you engage the R- gear. The images are clear and provide a clear guidance when parking your car.

Unlike other mirrors, this backup captures a broad range of what is behind you in the parking lot, enabling you to pack without a hassle. So isn’t the auto-vox t1400 is license plate backup camera?

Full Installation Package: The manufacturers bring the device with all necessary materials for installation. Despite the fact that the installation is simple, the package comes with a detailed manual just in case you get stuck.

The equipment in the package includes cable harness, wire casing, different bracket adapters, wrench and a car fuse holder.

Easy Installation: Installing this device is very easy as it doesn’t require a lot. The first step is removing your old rearview mirror. The second phase is attaching the T1400 rear view mirror to the mount that comes with the whole package.

You then complete the wire connections and hide the wire according to the diagram. This mirror doesn’t come with a camera if you need one you can buy the recommended dash cam for easier use.

Battery and compatibility

This device uses power connected directly to the car because it doesn’t come with an inbuilt battery, unlike the dash cams. You only need to connect the red wire to the mirror to the AC and the black wire to ground before wiring directly to the car power.

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Price Worth Of The AUTO-VOX T1400 License Plate Backup Camera

This gadget retails at a lower price thus making it available to most motorists. It doesn’t have features like GPS and Geo-tracking but captures high-quality photos. It’s a good alternative as compared to the clip-on backups that make your car look like a war-field.

Apart from its sleek design, the License Plate Backup Camera also enables you to record the happenings on the road without being noticed. Given the many features attached to this mirror, it’s evident that the price is worth the investment.