5 Best Dash Cams Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

5 Best Dash Cams Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Mahedi Hasan 6:56 pm

Every vehicle owner knows the importance of having a functional dash cam. The best dash cams is an important necessity, and there are several brands on the market. Because of the various models that flood the market, making a correct choice is not an easy task.

Many buyers are confused because they could hardly differentiate between the various models out there. To assist you to make the right choice, we reviewed the best dashboard cameras on the market. You can enjoy the benefits of dash cams when you use those with the advanced features.

We consulted various reviews and considered expert opinions before coming up with the recommendations. There is no doubt that information available here would assist you to make the correct buying decision.

List of The Best Dash Cams

Product NameWeightDisplayPrice
Rexing V1 3rd Generation4.8 ounces2.4" LCD Display Check Price
Pruveeo D7004.8 ounces7" Touch Screen Check Price
KDLINKS R1002.07 pounds5" IPS Screen Check Price
Z-EDGE S45.9 ounces4.0” HD Screen Check Price
Pruveeo C214.4 ounces2.7" LCD Screen Check Price

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Dash cams are not created equal. Because of that, you have to search diligently to make the correct choice. Here are the best of such cameras.

1.Rexing V1 3rd Generation – 4K Ultra HD Car Dash Cam

Rexing is a great dashboard camera. It can record up to four thousand images. This is possible because of the 2160p resolution and that is at 24fps. Most importantly, it features superior quality angle lens. This is very wide and this means an improved view of events behind you very well.

Its 170 Degrees wide-angle lens makes for greater vision, as you can see all your surroundings very well. Moreover, angle lens size makes for easy mounting, as you can mount the cam anywhere of your choice in your auto windshield. Anywhere you mount it, you can see the road very well, and this is because of the largeness of the angle lens.

Furthermore, the best dash cams feature a wide dynamic range. Because of this, the quality of images coming to you is always guaranteed.

The camera can automatically make for fine-tuning. Image quality will be high irrespective of any light condition. In addition to all these, this superior quality camera dash camera has other fantastic features that set it apart and they are as follows.

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Rexing V1 3rd Generation


Better Recording: This system features a gravity sensor and loop recording. The loop recordings make it easy for an old recording to be wiped away. You do not need to start deleting old recordings to create space. Whenever it detects a collision it will lock the video system, this is to ensure that your footage is well protected.

Always Ready to Use: When you order the dashboard camera, it will arrive at you ready for use. In addition to that, it features an inbuilt Wi-Fi system, which enhances connectivity when you use the cam.

With this feature, you can connect any of your smartphone device and even your tablet to the car camera system. This makes image savings easy. You can save them and refer back to your savings at your spare time.


Perhaps the greatest thing you are going to like here includes the easy installation. To mount it in your car is not difficult and it is not difficult for you to remove them. It features an adhesive mount and this makes it stable.

  • It has large memories
  • It is a superior quality dash camera
  • Easy to use
  • Sometimes the screen visibility is not guaranteed

In all, this brand is considered one of the best. If you are looking for the best, you can always choose this model. It covers your rear very well.

2.Pruveeo D700-7"Touch Screen Backup Camera

If you are looking for a camera that can easily record your driving information, you can choose this Pruveeo D700 touch screen camera. It is a backup camera and it is there to ensure that you enjoy safe driving.

This camera is a necessity because it reduces rear accident and monitors your back when you are driving. This is a superior quality camera, and it features everything you want for comfortable driving.

It has fantastic features that make driver’s friendly dash cam. Here are some of the great features that make it unique.

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Pruveeo D700 Backup Camera


Ease of Use: Whenever you are looking for this kind of product, the first thing you have to consider is the ease of use. The camera is seven inches in size. This is good because it makes for excellent resolution at 1080P.

The rear camera is waterproofed and this makes for driving efficiency. The angle lens is one hundred and fifty degrees.

Parking Mode: Another great feature is that this camera can automatically display parking images for you. Parking mode dash cam tells you what is happening behind you. The image is displayed in full view, and you do not need to press any button before you begin to use it. It will automatically work for you once you use the reverse gear.

Dual Lens Rear View: Most importantly, the dash cam is a dual lens rear view mirror camera. It is a dual channel dash cam. This means that it consists of a double camera, as well as seven inches rearview anti-dazzling mirror. This ensures adequate monitoring when you engage your gear to the reverse.

Mirror Screen: It features a large mirror screen and this enhances the image quality of the product. A single image can be displayed and footage can emanate from one of the cameras. It is easy to switch from one camera to another, and the button to facilitate it is strategically located.

Easy to Install: Furthermore, the dash cam is simple and easy to install. In the same way, it is not difficult to operate. It is a question of installing it where you have your rear view mirror and plugging the system into a cigarette lighter and it will begin to work for you.

Perhaps the greatest thing you are going to like here includes the easy installation. To mount it in your car is not difficult and it is not difficult for you to remove them. It features an adhesive mount and this makes it stable.

  • Fits very well
  • Good performance
  • Superior image quality
  • Easy installation
  • Could not upgrade
  • No RCA plug input

If you want the best dash cams, you can always choose this model. It is not difficult to use and you can derive the value of money when you use it. The model is greatly recommended.

3. KDLINKSR100- Ultra HD Dual Lens Dash Cam

This product can serve two different purposes at a time. It can serve as a rear view camera, and it can equally serve as a rear view mirror. Mirror size is just five inches.

The dual camera can turn off automatically changing from dash cam to a rear view mirror. It uses superior quality 1296 front, as well as a 1080p rear camera.

With these, it can record videos of your back as you drive. It works at the speed of 30fps. It automatically begins to record and it records in a continuous loop method.

The camera uses a high-end anti-glare mirror, as well as large five inches IPS screen. The super slim design makes the product effective. Once it is out of the box, you can begin to use it. Other interesting features stand this product out.

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best dash cams


Automatic Features: The greatest feature of this cam is the easy operation. It is an auto-off camera and this means that it can turn itself off and assumes another role as a rearview mirror. Once the system fails to detect any movement within five minutes of its operation, it will shut off automatically.

If you use a car that provides light to your lighter, you can rely on this product because it can always provide the light when you need it. There is no provision for turning the system off manually this makes the product unique.

Parking Mode: Another great feature is the advanced parking mode. Once the system is able to detect any movement, it will start operation and this means that it will begin to record.

Even if you park your car, the system will help to protect it, because it can record events and show the footage to you. Dash cam with parking protection is guaranteed. If you want the parking mode only, then it will begin to work once you park that your vehicle.

Good Night Vision: Another important thing to consider when you are looking for this kind of product is the night vision. If you use this cam, you are sure of superior night vision.

This is good because it can help to monitor your back even at night. This is possible because of superior quality six glass lenses and the unique dash cam wide dynamic range.

Furthermore, it uses a superior quality battery that can last for a very long time. Its battery can serve you for a very long time. Thus, the cam features everything you want and it is not surprising that it is one of the most popular choices on the market today.

  • This is a superior quality camera
  • It makes for an excellent night vision
  • Great customer service
  • Durable battery
  • Sometimes the mirror has glares

If you are looking for a great camera that can easily monitor your back as you engage the reverse gear, you can always opt for this product. It is easy and simple to use and it is strongly recommended.

4. Z-EDGES4- Ultra HD Dash Cam with Night Mode

Z Edge dash cam is there to ensure your safety as you drive. Because of the effectiveness of the product, it is considered as an expert witness because it can video what is going on behind you and report to you. The product is indeed great because it uses a superior quality double lens dash cam.

It ensures simultaneous recording both in your front and your back and because of that, you will get full information about what is happening behind you. The product is great and user-friendly. In addition to all these, the dash cam has other fantastic features that make it great.

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Z-EDGE S4 Dual Dash Cam


Double Super Recording: The camera is unique because of the double high definition recording. It is designed to capture the road you drive. The battery can serve for a least thirty minutes and that is because of the superior quality 600mAh battery.

It can just record for you without power input. The recordings will be perfect because of the Wide Quad HD 2560 by 1440 resolution camera, and it works at the speed of 30fps. It is a superior quality HD car camera.

Night Vision: Another great feature is the night vision. The product will always guarantee a first-class night vision. This is great because you do not have anything to worry about when you use your car in the night. It displays quality images in the night because it uses superior quality and sensitive SONY image sensor.

This is the best of its kind on the market. The product is meant for low light compensation. The six glass lenses, which the product uses, ensure that the glare is significantly reduced. You will always get greater video quality when you use the product.

Automatic Safety Feature: Another important feature of this product is the automatic safety guards. It is designed to work with the ignition. Once the ignition key is on, it will begin to work for you and whenever the ignition is switched off, it will stop to work.

The product is a great one as it saves energy for you. This is possible because of the type of screen it uses. It features LCD screen off timer. The screen will turn off automatically.

Moreover, the product has loop recording feature. This is good because it makes for an efficient storage. It helps manage space available to you and determines the image to be deleted and those not to be deleted. It has everything you want.

  • Superior performance
  • Compact and concise design
  • Superior quality and loop recording
  • Two HD cameras
  • The camera is not waterproofed

In all, this product is great and ensures superior quality images. It has everything you need and saves energy. The dash camera is good and it is highly recommended.

5. Pruveeo C2- Front and Back Dash Cam

Perhaps the most advanced dash cam on the market is the Pruveeo C2 Dash Cam. This cam records both the exterior and the interior part of your vehicle. When it comes to quality resolution, hardly any other product can compare with this one.

When you use it, you will enjoy it. You will derive a value for your money. The cam has great features that stand it out from several other cameras out there.

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Pruveeo C2 Dash Cam Front and Rear


Memory: When you are looking for this kind of product, the most important feature to look out for includes the memory capacity. The cam has lots of memory.

To enhance the memory capacity, it has provision for a 128GB memory card. This is not included but you can always buy it to support the memory of your cam. The memory is supported by the higher resolution.

You like the quality of images streamed to your screen because of the high quality of FHD 1080 pixel and FHD 1080/HD720P plusHD720P resolution. You can see that it feature a dual channel. This enhances the image quality and you are going to like the product for that.

Sensor: Another important thing to consider when you are looking for this kind of product is the sensor. The best dash cam features the most advanced Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor. In addition to that, it has an inbuilt WDR for interior clips. It can beam other images to you. Users are always happy with the shot quality.

Viewing Angle: Another great feature here is the viewing angle. It features one hundred and eighty degrees, as well as one hundred and fifty degrees viewing angle. This is good because it facilitates high image resolution already talked about.

  • It ensures a superior quality video images
  • Include interior car camera and front camera
  • It makes provision of external memory of 128GB
  • It does not make for bump detection

This is user-friendly and delivers superior quality images. It is easy to use and delivers plenty of memory. It even has provisions for extra 128GB memories. If you are looking for the best dash cams, you should opt for the product, it is highly recommended.

Buying Guide Of Best Dash Cams

Choosing the best dash cams out of hundreds on the market is not an easy thing. It will be difficult for new users to make that tough buying decision. Even experienced users will not find that easy because they have to consider different factors before they can make that choice. If you are looking for the best, you have to consider the following factors:

Your Purpose:

The most important factor that can guide your decision is your purpose for using the cam. The purpose will help you focus on specific features. Therefore, before you step out to the market, you must first resolve your buying purpose.

Ease of Use:

Most importantly, out of the various products out there, choose only those dash cameras that are easy and simple to use. Because you will be using the dash cam every time, it is important that you opt for those that are not difficult for you to use.

When you get a user-friendly product, it will assist you to achieve the perfect driving result you have always expected.

Video Storage:

Furthermore, consider the issue of video storage. Look for those that guarantee loop recording. This means that the system will delete old and obsolete videos on its own.


The cam you want to use should be easy and simple to mount. Mounting it directly above the steering wheel is not good because it can interfere with your driving. It should be mounted on the windshield. Ensure that you get a dash cam that is not difficult to mount.

Automatic Features:

Most importantly look for those with automatic features. Generally, such cams begin to work when you engage reverse gear, but it should be able to shut itself off after sometimes. This helps preserve the system.

Image Quality:

Furthermore, think of the image quality coming out of the system. The image should be of bright quality irrespective of whether you use it in the day or in the night. This helps you observe what is displayed in the system.


Moreover, consider the G and GPS sensors. Dash cam with GPS is an important feature to consider this feature when you are looking for this kind of product. This will help to improve the image quality.

SD Card:

Furthermore, it should make provision for extra memory. Look out for those with extra memory feature. Having a sufficient storage capacity is good because it makes room for more image storage.


Most importantly, you have to consider the issue of cost when you are making that choice. Cost should be related to the performance. While considering the cost, you should not ignore quality. Look for budget dash cam.


The dash cam should not be difficult to install. You can install the system without difficulties.

These are the best dash cams. These products were carefully selected after reviewing their quality and comparing such features with similar products out there.

Moreover, user’s opinions about these five automotive dash cams were taking into consideration before recommending them.

Most important expert’s opinions, especially those from the industry experts were taking into consideration. It is obvious that you will get real value for your money if you use any of the products. They are good and recommended for you.