Best Dash Cam Under 100: Should You Spend for Your Car?

Best Dash Cam Under 100: Should You Spend for Your Car?

Mahedi Hasan 2:14 am

Are you looking for best dash cam under 100 dollars? I know everyone has a budget limit, that’s why today we reviewed and presented the list of dash cam under 100 dollars. Go ahead and look into the features of every dash cams.

Dash cams are becoming a more common sight in both private and public transport vehicles. Their presence has been well received by most people installing them for security purposes. They come in handy especially when a person experiences a collision as they can be used to claim for compensation.

Other drivers use them for recreational purposes, for instance, people who live in the digital world such as you tubers and Instagram lovers use dash cams for easy and clear video recordings and also to engage their followers and subscribers.

Their popularity comes as a good thing because you can now afford a quality dash cam without breaking the bank. For instance below is a list of the five best dash cams under 100 with a review of their features and all that you need to know about them. These will enable you to make an informed choice and get value for your money.

List of the Best Dash Cam Under 100

Product NameWeightDisplayPrice
O RLY FC2 Quad HD 1440p3.2 ounces2" LCD Screen Check Price
Upgraded Auto-VOX D6 Pro8.5 ouncesNone Check Price
Stereo 4k 2880x2160 P247.5 ounces2.4" LCD Screen Check Price
Rove R2 4K UltraHD1.37 pounds2.4" LCD Screen Check Price
DDPai Mini2P2.4 ouncesNone Check Price

Best Dash Cam Under 100 – Review

1. O RLY FC2 Quad HD – 1440p Daul Lens Dash Camera

O Rly dual dash cam


Taking the first position is the 0 RLY FC2 QuadHD 1440p Dashboard camera. Going at a price of approximately a hundred dollars, it packs a punch of functional features which you find inexpensive ones hence making it worth every shilling.

For instance, it boasts dual rear and front cameras which means you can record what is happening inside the car or on the road.

It records 1080 pixel videos, but the front camera has the capability of recording and capturing 1440 pixel videos. Both cameras have a wide scope hence capturing a wide area.

For instance, the front camera has a 140-degree view angle while the rear one boasts a 120-degree wide angle. That offers you more than enough coverage of what is happening on the road and also inside your car such that if anything happens, it will be recorded.

With most dash cams under 100, you have to keep on setting and resetting every time you need to record but with this top dash cam that becomes a thing of the past as it automatically records continuously every time you start your vehicle.

Thus from the moment you enter your car to the moment you pack it in your home, you will always be covered, and that includes even during the night as the super night vision got you covered with clear footage during darkness.

You have the option of selecting between the three modes, these are, continuous loop recording and that is the automatic mode which starts every time you enter your vehicle. Then there is the motion activated recording which is activated by the motion detector also known as G-sensor anytime there is a drastic impact, emergency braking or sharp turns.

The second mode is enabled for emergency purposes, and the files are often write protected for future use and also to ensure that you do not delete them accidentally. Lastly, there is the monitor mode which snaps images per second to save on space.


  • Audio microphone to capture any sounds or voices for more evidence
  • Comes with a 32 GB microSD card which offers more than enough space to store your videos
  • Still supports MicroSD cards of up to 128 GB for those who need extra space
  • 2.7 inch LCD for better viewing
  • Comes with features to assist the driver such as Light reminder, stop and Go and even Driver fatigue
  • Suction and sticker mount so you can easily install it, a car charger and a cable are some of the accessories which come as part of the package to prevent extra costs

Colors: Black

Price $$

Available On: Amazon

2.Upgraded Auto-VOX D6 Pro-FHD 1080P WiFi Dash Cam

Upgraded AUTO-VOX WiFi Dash Cam


Another cheap HD dash cam which you should consider the Upgraded Auto-VOX WIFI D6 Pro FHD 1080p dashboard camera.

Like the previous one on our list, this one too packs a full bunch of features which make your road life better. It is easy to operate and features a six full glass lens which captures images and videos in HD even during the night.

It rotates at a 300 degrees angle which means you can record things happening by the sides of the road. Thus you can never miss a moment as you now have the opportunity to record the beautiful landscape whenever you are on the road.

You can now share your videos and photos live on Facebook as it boasts WIFI connectivity. All you need to do is connect it to your mobile phone through an app, and within a few seconds you can share your recordings and pictures effortlessly.

Now thanks to gesture photography, you will no longer have to toggle the dash cam buttons as you can wave or move your hands in a certain way and snap! You get to capture a picture. Other essential features include the G-sensor which automatically records any impact.

For instance, when you brake suddenly or whenever there is a crash or any other drastic impact, it activates for emergency recording so you can be on the safe side in case of anything.

It also features loop recording and WDR modes. Even though it has few flaws such as the fact that it lacks a display for easy viewing it still has a lot of features and for its price, it’s worth giving a try.


  • Six full glass lens with Panasonic CMOS sensor for superior image and video quality
  • Gesture photography
  • WIFI connectivity
  • 300 degrees rotatable angle
  • Adjustable G-sensor mode
  • WDR and loop recording.

Color: Black

Price $$

Available On: Amazon

3. Stereo 4k 2880×2160 P24 – Dash Cam with Motion Detection

Stereo 4k Dash Cam


Another quality yet affordable dash cam is from Stereo and for its budget-friendly price the buyers get to enjoy a lot of functional features which are mostly present in pricey dash cams. For example, it is not easy to come across a dashboard camera with parking mode going at that price.

But as mentioned earlier we are only giving you the dash cam under 100. Hence this one is an exception as it has the feature. Therefore when you buy it, you not only get quality videos and pictures but also 24 hours surveillance for your vehicle.

It also features motion detection which automatically records whenever you suffer a collision or sudden impact. Another feature which most buyers consider while buying dashboard cameras is GPS as most insurance companies will check the movements and location of your car during the accident or collision to ensure that you were not over speeding before they can compensate you.

And with this dashboard cam, you will be at ease whenever anything happens as it comes with built-in GPS for such purposes and is WIFI enabled hence you get to control and even share your photos and videos whenever you feel the need to do so.

Additionally, this top dash cam comes prides itself on high definition resolution and offers a 170-degree recording scope, so you get to capture a wider surface area and most of the things taking place on the road or even when you have activated the parking mode.

If you have any doubts regarding its quality or durability, this cheap Chinese dash cam comes with one year of warranty on everything which is part of the package, high ratings and positive reviews left by previous buyers are an assurance that it will not disappoint you.


  • Parking mode for surveillance when you leave your car in public parking spaces
  • Loop recording
  • Motion detection
  • In-built Wi-Fi and GPS
  • 170-degree ultra-wide angle lens to cover a wider surface area for more safety and also capture the serene landscapes

Color: Black

Price $$

Available On: Amazon

4. Rove R2 4K UltraHD – 2160p Dash Cam with Night Vision

Rove R2 4K UltraHD Dash Cam


Our list keeps on getting better, and another top dash cam which comes within that price range is the Rove R2-4K Ultra HD 2160 P Dashcam.

It prides itself on a long string of quality aspects that it’s difficult to believe it is that affordable. For instance, this affordable dash cam boasts a resolution of 2160 pixels which guarantee your crystal clear videos and pictures even during the night.

You will no longer have any problems proving to your insurance provider that you are not the one at fault when an accident occurs thanks to the inbuilt GPS which records your driving speed and also current location. It comes with DV player through which you can view your current location.

Hence besides acting as proof, the GPS will also help you navigate through areas you do not know. Additionally, it comes with different modes which go a long way in making your life better such as the Parking mode.

You no longer have to rush when you stop at the mall to get something, and you also get to shop in peace because you know your dash cam will record everything happening around your vehicle during parking mode.


  • Supports MicroSD of up to 128 GB which you purchase separately
  • LCD screen to view your videos directly before you can transfer them to your phone
  • 150 degrees ultra-wide view and recording
  • Loop recording, slow motion, and time-lapse videos
  • WI-FI connectivity for simple picture and video sharing and also downloads
  • High 4K resolution
  • 360-degree rotatable angle for better capturing

Color: Black

Price $$

Available On: Amazon

5. DDPai Mini2P – Distortionless HD 1440p Wi-Fi Dash Cam

DDPai Mini2P wifi dash cam


Are you looking for the best budget dash cam 2018 that is easy to use, uses WDR technology to ensure that you get full HD videos and images even during the night and additionally has zero distortion?

Then your search ends here because the DDPai Mini2P Distortion less HD 1440p WI-FI Dash cam fits that description perfectly. It closes our list for the best dash cam under 100 and does so impressively thanks to its top of the shelf features such as the ones we’ve just mentioned.

It boasts automatic loop recording which starts the moment you start your car till you park it. The coverage does not stop there because once you stop, parking mode takes over and ensures that your vehicle is always safe from reckless drivers and individuals with ill motives.

It has WI-FI connectivity hence you can operate and download your images or recordings directly rather than going through the headache of connecting to a PC to download or delete them. That not only saves you time but is also more convenient as you can use the phone application to share favorite images and videos during your road trip directly on social media.

The G-sensor is adjustable which means you can set your affordable dashboard cam to sense and record even the slightest impact for safety purposes. Thus even when you leave it in the parking lot, and a rogue driver hits it slightly and runs, you will be able to track them through the emergency videos recorded.

Zero distortion also works to ensure that you get perfect photos and recordings no matter how rough the terrain is. Even though you have to purchase the SD card separately, this cheap Chinese dash cam is worth every cent you spend on it.


  • Easy mounting
  • Remote snapshot button to capture, edit, beautify and share your videos and images
  • Built-in supercapacitor
  • Time-lapse parking recording

Color: Black

Price $$

Available On: Amazon

Video Sample of DDPai Mini2p Dash Cam

Note that Worth: Which dash cam under 100 should you get?

With all the best budget dash cams on our list, it might be a bit confusing to you regarding the one you should get. Reason being, each one of them boasts a unique feature which makes it better than the other but still the others remain equally functional.

Nevertheless, the question should be based on the kind of driver you are which is why we summarized our list by listing a few recommendations depending on the habits of different drivers and car users.

The You tuber or heavy social media user: If the primary reason of you purchasing a cheap Chinese dash cam is for recording and posting on social media, then one which has both the rear and front camera such as the first one on our list will suit you better. Additionally, you need one with WIFI connectivity so you can share your videos and images instantly

The office type driver: if you are always tied up in your office, and most of the time your car is in the parking lot since you are usually the last one to leave then a dash cam with the parking mode will suit you more as it will ensure your vehicle has 24-hour surveillance. There are three of these on our list so you can buy any which you find more appealing.

Always on road trip driver: If you are ever traveling and want to capture memories for future, then an affordable dash cam which has an extensive recording angle and built-in GPS such as the Stereo 4k 2880X2160 P24 dash cam will work for you.

All the products on our list are high quality and will help you keep track of the happenings on the road. At the end of it all what matters is how safe you are on the road, and with a dash cam you can achieve that since it will detect and record any collisions, and additionally arrogant hit and run drivers.