Best Dash Cam for Uber and Lyft Drivers: Ride Safely with Passengers

Best Dash Cam for Uber and Lyft Drivers: Ride Safely with Passengers

Mahedi Hasan 4:50 pm

If you are an uber or lyft driver, the first thing that you must consider installing the best dash cam for uber on your vehicle for safety purposes.

A dash camera is a device that is mounted on the front or the back area of the car to provide ample view of the rear sides of the car. There are different models of dash cameras available on the market for you to choose from depending on your needs and the use it has as well.

Best Dash Cam for Uber and Lyft Drivers

Product NameWeightDisplayPrice
Vantrue N2 Pro3.52 ounces1.5 inches Check Price
Powpro Pcam PP-B600.8 ounces2.31 inches Check Price
Pruveeo C214.4 ounces2.7 Inches Check Price
Z-EDGE S45.9 ounces4.0 Inches Check Price
Falcon Zero F360+1.85 pounds3.5 Inches Check Price

1. Vantrue N2 Pro

Vantrue N2 Pro


This is one of the most efficient and safest dash cameras since it provides direction on both the front and back area. The dash cam is designed with an LED lighting which provides clear vision at night.

You don’t have to worry about hitting an object or cars while reversing since the dash cam has a Sony sensor which notifies you immediately when you get your car too close to another object.

For a beginner who is not good at parking especially in a squeezed area, the dash camera will guide you on how to move your car at the parking area with the equipped parking mode.

Get to learn how far you are driving the car with the equipped motion found on the dash camera. The feature also notifies you in the case where a vehicle is moved close to yours to avoid an accident.

The presence of the loop recording and G-sensor works by storing all the data and other information of the happening on the road. The G-sensor senses when the camera is full and immediately overwrites the old videos to make sure that you have the recordings of every trip you make in a day.

If you don’t want to lose any video recorded by the device, make sure to save it on other devices like a flash disk for future reference. The fact the Venture has a dual vision, makes it be recommended as the best dash cam for truckers as well since they can easily have a clear view when moving at night.


  • The camera has dual lenses for both front and the back view.
  • Has an LED LCD which provides view including at night.
  • Has a parking mode.
  • The dash cam has a looping recording and G-sensor for recording all the roads occurrences.

Color: Black

Compatibility: With all vehicles.

Available On: Amazon

2. Powpro Pcam PP-B60

best dash cam for uber


This is classified among the best dash cams in the market since it also has both the rear and the front viewing. The camera gives a view of up to 170 degrees, and it also has a wide-angle dashboard that records all the happens on both the back and the front areas of the car.

If you are going for a road trip, you need a device that will provide you with excellent view and data of all the areas that you covered while driving. The Powpro is a dash camera that will give all these information. It is designed with a G-sensor that captures all the happenings around you, and the device has a memory card that stores all these data.

Also, the recording happens due to the presence of the NTK96655 chipset, OV9712 sensor, six lens and even the wide angle lens that rotates up to 170-degrees. For those working in the Uber and taxi industry, you can easily track all the routes that you are driven to the entire day with the use of the GPS logger which is used for recoding the GPS data to video files.

These information allows you to check the locations, the speed and also routes that your drivers are taking for easy management of the business. Another benefit of having this dash camera is that is has a motion detection which immediately starts to record all the happenings the moment you start the vehicle.

This allows you focus on your driving since you don’t need to keep on checking if the dash cam is taking the drive videos or not. Unlike other cameras that delete the previous video files to get more space for storing the new data, the Powpro camera is quite the opposite since it ensures that all the previous data are still safe and secure even when saving new data.


  • Has dual cameras for both the front and rear view.
  • It has a high configuration viewing.
  • There is an inbuilt GPS for recording all the trips happenings which include location and so on.
  • The camera has motion detection for automatic recording when the car starts to move.
  • It has Loop recording that ensures even the previous files are covered and protected.

Color: Black

Compatibility: With all vehicles.

Available On: Amazon

3. Pruveeo C2

Pruveeo C2


The front and rear view mirror cam are designed with a large LCD that provides an excellent and broad view of all happenings both on the front and the back side of your car.

Meaning, you can easily have a peek at what is going on around while still on the move. Aside from providing a good insight of the road, the dash cam has a memory card which takes in all the videos of what is happening on the way including the areas that you pass through as well.

The camera has 1080p @30 fps and a rotated rear camera of 720p of @30 fps for clear viewing of the front and the back areas of the vehicle. The rear camera turns to about 270 degrees to capture most of the events at the back.

If you want to see the areas that you are at, you can quickly view the locations, speed and also all the routes that you have passed through via the equipped GPS camera application.You don’t have to set the camera as you move since it is provided with a motion detection which automatically detects when the vehicle moves.

Meaning, once the car moves, the cam will start to record to make sure that you don’t miss any detail of what happens while on the move. Aside from all the views, we can not ignore the fact that this device is sold at a fair price which makes it affordable to the majority of the drivers.

For the quality assurance to the customers, the dash cam is packed with a warranty against the manufacturer defects. Such that if you are not pleased with the features on the device or if it develops a fault, you can return it and claim back your money or ask for a replacement.


  • The dash cam is equipped with an inbuilt GPS application.
  • Comes with dual lens for both front and back view.
  • It has a motion detection which starts to record immediately you start the car.
  • The cam has a loop record.

Color: Black

Compatibility: The cam is compatible with both small and large vehicles.

Available On: Amazon

4. Z-EDGE S4



I would recommend this dash cam for all types of vehicles including truck driver since it has a great view from both the front and the backsides. The presence of the 4-inch lens camera allows one to have the best-unobstructed view due to the presence of the ultra HD 1440p front and the rear lens.

Even when moving in the night or dark areas, the cam will still provide you with excellent views thanks to the equipped night mode which provide night vision. The rear camera moves up to 360 degrees to give clear view when on the move.

Another useful feature on the camera is the large memory card which provides ample space for saving all your roads events thus helping you create road trip memories while on the move. The equipped Sony Exmor IMX 323 sensor allows all the users including the user, lyft, taxis limos and also family cars to be able to take shots and interior clips while still driving.

Once you purchase the best dash cam for uber, you will be issued with a warranty which gives you the freedom of returning the cam for exchange or ask for another one in case it develops any defects. This is a professional dash cam that is widely recommended for use by all cars, and it also hived HHD videos on the recording.


  • It has an inbuilt sensor for automatic recording when moving.
  • has a large storage memory of up to 32 GB.
  • It comes with a 12-month warranty against the manufacturer defects.
  • It has an inbuilt WDR which is essential for taking interior clips and shots.

Compatibility: It is compatible with Uber, Lyft, taxi trucks and any other cars.

Available On: Amazon

5. Falcon Zero F360+

Falcon Zero F360+


This is one of the best uber dash cams for who need a reliable yet straightforward road recording camera for us on their vehicle. It provides a lot of services which includes guiding you when turning and parking your car at all points. It has dual lenses which are ideal for giving excellent views from both the front and the rear events.

The LCD dash cam measure about 3.5 in the which is perfect for viewing and ensure that all the activities you undergo while on the move are retained for later viewing. The camera comes with 32 GB sd card for storing the data. Note that you can use the dash cam in a variety of vehicles since setting up is quite easy.

Meaning, if you used the dash cam in a small car yesterday, today you can install it on a truck and still get the best road views and videos. The best dash cam for uber has been widely advocated for use in all, vehicles which are prone to move at night such as the taxis, Uber, Lyft, Limos and also the truck since it is equipped with a night mode which allows one to have a clear view even when moving in dark areas.

When reversing or parking the vehicle, the dash cam notifies you regarding the places to turn to with the equipped microphone speaker function. The LCD lenses rotate to about 180 degrees to give a clear view of the areas that you are moving to for safety purposes.

To eliminate any doubts related to the quality of the dash cam, it is sold with one year warranty which is offered against the manufacturer’s defects. So, if the camera develops some functioning defaults, you can always return it and claim your money back or request for another one.


  • It comes with a night mode for clear viewing in dark areas.
  • The lenses rotate up to 180 degrees.

Compatibility: It is compatible with all cars.

Available On: Amazon

If you need the best dash cam for uber or any other vehicle, consider the above top five reviewed dash cams. They have excellent features that provide you with all the required information regarding the trips that you make on the road.

Also from the reviews, we see that these dash cams do not require you to break your bank account in acquiring them since they are sold at a pocket-friendly price. So check out the reviews and choose the best dash cam to use on your vehicle according to your needs and preference as well.

Why Uber And Lyft Drivers Need a Dash Cam?

Helps to Reverse: The dash camera provides you with excellent viewing when reversing at any time of the day. It provides directions and notification of all the objects that are behind you thus enabling you to have an easy time getting your car from a parking zone.

Acts as Evidence: Sometimes you may get hit by another car from the behind, and if you don’t have enough evidence to prove that the car hit you, you will end up paying for the damages that you did not cause.

But, with a dash camera installed in your vehicle, it would be so easy to claim for the other car to pay for the damages since the camera records all the events that occur while you are on the move.