5 Best Dash Cam for Truckers With GPS and Night Vision

5 Best Dash Cam for Truckers With GPS and Night Vision

Mahedi Hasan 8:26 pm

Are you a truck owner who is still undecided whether to buy a best dash cam for truckers? Well, maybe you are waiting for a first-hand experience for you to buy truck dash cam to make up your mind.

Imagine driving your truck at a safe speed on a busy road only for the vehicle in front to stop abruptly. You try to stop your car, but it’s too late. You ran into the car ahead and overturn because of the bulky goods you are carrying.

In most states, the law regards the driver that rams into the other as the guilty one. You know you are innocent but can’t figure out how you will defend yourself. For fear of the ceaseless argument, you admit liability and become charged according to the legal stipulations.

best dash cam for truckers

Maybe your license gets suspended. You lose your job, and sometimes the whole family. In short, you give up on all you have struggled to achieve. The solution to your driving woes is a truck dashboard camera systems.

Trucker dash cameras first came into the limelight some years ago when the Russian drivers uploaded videos documenting their road adventures.

Benefits of Having a Trucker Dash Cam

Most of the videos showed absurd lawlessness never imagined by the Americans. In as much as the ideas might have been mere entertainment stuns, having a trucker dash cam proves essential in the 21st century. Maybe there will be a different invention in future. But for now, we have to contend with the super role of dash cameras.

Many states have stringent traffic laws creating the need to document your daily driving activities. The videos will protect you in case you get involved in an accident as per the above case.

Apart from the evidence, The trucker dash cam can help insurance companies understand what happened before an accident. The video coverage strengthens your case and compels the insurance company to compensate you.

Ideally, the best truck dashboard camera systems should work automatically and offer excellent video quality. You should not bother to argue with the policemen when all evidence is clear from the videos. There are many models of trucker cameras in the market. This truckers dash cam reviews & guide narrows on top five best dash cam for truckers.

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List of The Best Dash Cam for Truckers

Product NameWeightDisplayPrice
Anker ROAV C1 Dash Cam0.16 ounces2.4” LCD Screen Check Price
Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 Dash Cam8 ounces1.5" HD TFT Screen Check Price
Z-EDGE Dash Cam2.24 ounces
2.7" LCD Screen Check Price
Old-Shark 3" Dash Cam4.3 ounces3.0" LCD Screen Check Price
WheelWitness HD PRO PLUS Premium Dash Cam12 ounces3.0” LCD Screen Check Price

1. Anker ROAV C1 Dash Cam

Anker ROAV C1 Dash Cam


Anker ROAV Dash Cam C1 is affordable with superb features that make it the best dash cameras for trucks on the market. It mounts easily behind the rear-view mirror enabling it to capture, download via the WIFI and review the videos.

The camera has a high- sensor and can tilt to accommodate various glass orientations. It comes with two mounts that have a sticky mounting pad, just in case the first one does not work. Anker also has a 10 foot USB cable and an adapter that splits your AUX power for the camera.

One great advantage of this camera is durability. It works well under extreme weather, unlike other models. It records clear videos due to its high video sensor that pairs with a set of quality glass optics.

Usage & Design:

The camera records clear videos both during the day and night and is your best companion in dark tunnels. The ability of the camera to capture all eight lines when driving is fascinating. Anker ROAV has a Wide Dynamic Range that enables the sensor to record bright and dark images at the same time.

The ROAV camera turns itself on when you start the car and switches off when the engine stops. It records everything during the drive using the motor power. This functionality prevents it from draining your battery during the cruise.

It turns to the low mode when the car stops and monitors everything in the parking lot. The sensors detect any movement near your truck and record any burglary attempt. It has a gravity sensor that activates the camera when it detects a crash and documents incidences of hit-and-run automatically.


This car gadget has a compact design that makes it nondescript and puts it out of your way while driving. It has a responsive metallic push button on its side for easy powering on and off.

It also comes with capacitative and sensitive touch buttons at the front. The gadget is sleek and looks like a modern Smartphone.

It’s without a doubt that Anker ROAV is one of the best dash cam for semi trucks and other motorists. Its video is quality. Anker ROAV has an impeccable compact design and offers more regarding functionality. The cam has unique features that are worth the investment. You must get a separate SD card for use with this truckers dash cam.

The camera requires a 32 GB SD card (but supports up to 128 GB) for continuous recording as you drive. The good news is that the SD cards are very affordable.

The good thing about this dash camera is its ability to transfer the videos to the Wi-Fi. Unlike other models that require you to download using the computer, the ROAV allows you to move files to your Smartphone. The transfer of data works better with Anker ROAV app that enables hassle-free transfer of huge files within a short time.


  • Sony Exmor sensors
  • Has a 2.4” L.C.D screen
  • Records 1080 FHD explicit videos
  • Has wide angle view lens that covers four lanes
  • Comes with a built-in Wi-Fi for file transfer
  • Has a Gravity sensor that detects crash when driving and motion when parked
  • Offers loop recording
  • Comes with an enabled night vision mode for easier recording
  • Has a two-port USB charger

Supported OS: Smartphone

Color: Black

Available on: Amazon

What We Liked Most

1. High-quality image on 1080p 30fps. Although, Has three different camera quality. (1080p 30fps, 720p 30fps and 720p 60fps).
2. Perfect size, It’s hidden behind a rearview mirror.
3. Very easy to install.
4. Excellent customer support.

What We Didn’t Like

1. The record button beside on power button, It is very sensitive.
2. If the time and date stamp on, The ROAV logo comes with it. If turn off the ROAV logo, the time and date stamp go with it.



IOS Android

2. Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 Dash Cam

Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 dash cam


The Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 2017 Edition is an initial truckers dash cam that comes with many enhanced features. It boasts of full HD recording of 30 frames per second. The device has EXMOR Sensor that enhances video quality both at night and during the day.

This street Guardian company has eased the problems of unclear recordings especially those done in dimly-lit areas or darkness.

Usage & Design:

Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 dashboard camera is discreet and has a compact design which allows you to use it hassle-free without interrupting your view of the road. This dark color scheme hides the camera from external viewers.

You don’t have the reason to fear someone plucking it off in a traffic snarl-up or after an accident. Its stealthy design makes it easy to record videos without getting noticed by other road users.

Using this camera is easy because it only requires you to set up and forget. It comes with a metal capacitator and lens holder thereby enabling it to work under extreme weather. It starts recording the moment you ignite the car and stops when you halt the engine.

The camera also has a Novatek processor that enables it to record crystal clear videos. Sony CMOS sensor helps it detect any change in motion and record all events leading to an accident. Your new 2017 updated v3 lens assure you of perfectly focused and clear images.


Most motorists will find this entry-level primary truck camera essential, especially when driving at night. It encodes using the MOV format and also shows your direction using the GPS function.

You won’t have to strain when watching videos because of the SG9665GC v3 LCD. The compact camera has a 1.5” TFT screen which is appropriate for standard display. It works well with a micro SD of up to 256 GB. You will record as many videos as you can without the fear of them getting written over so definitely it is one of the best dash cams for truckers.

However, you need not worry because the trucker dash cam also has a looping feature which looks great videos when the memory fills up. You can manually close these videos or allow the device to lock them up automatically. The device also comes with a GPS logger and works with Android devices. To cap it all, it has a one year warranty.


  • Sony Exmor IMX322 sensor
  • FULL HD 1080P DashCam Video Security Car DVR Appliance
  • Video resolution of Full HD 1080P at 30 frames per second
  • 1.5-inch HD TFT screen
  • Gapless recording supported with 1-second overlap
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • Speed display is selectable
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) night mode
  • Larger pixel sensors
  • Automatic Accident file lock using the Gravity
  • Storage media with a ( Micro-SD card) Minimum of 32GB and a maximum of 256GB

Supported iOS- Android.

Color: Black.

Available on: Amazon

What We Liked Most

1. Comes with everything you need in the box.
2. Great GPS feature.
3. No battery, no worry. Which is great
4. Easy to install.

What We Didn’t Like

1. Recorded quality was poor at night. License plates can’t read.
2. Cable too short from GPS unit.

3. Z-EDGE Dash Cam

z edge dash cam


This car camera has clear recordings because it records in High-Definition (HD) mode. It uses 1920x1080p HD resolution to produce high-quality images and clips documenting your daily driving. The recording happens at a speed of 30 frames per second.

The dashboard camera starts recording automatically each time you ignite your car and stops when the engine stops running. It saves you the time for manual setups thereby providing you an ample time to concentrate on driving.

One significant advantage is that this new device as a full field of view amounting to 150 degrees. A full field view offers a broad road coverage which provides enough details in the event of an accident. The high field of view is important when you zoom in the video using the minimum image distortion. You get a clear view of what is happening on all lanes on the road.

Usage & Design:

This gadget has an energy-saving LCD screen off timer to help you preserve the battery. You don’t want your camera to go off after one hour of recording. The camera uses the car battery while driving but switches to its power once you stop the engine. Although this camera has a noticeable size, it fits well on your windshield and performs just like other dash cameras.

The Z-Edge dash cam has a loop recording feature that allows for continuous recording. Although it’s advisable to transfer all records daily, you can forget when on a long journey. The looping feature allows the device to write over other videos stored in the SD card memory. You don’t have to manually lock your important videos because the camera locks them automatically on detecting a crash.

In most cases, the video shows all events 30 minutes before the collision. Under normal circumstances, you will be in shock and therefore unable to set the lock feature manually. This gadget responds to its Gravity Sensor and does it for you automatically!


An important aspect of Z-Edge dash cam is the image sensor. Many reckless drivers speed off after hitting other road users. The inability to see the license plate makes it hard to identify them. This scenario won’t be the case if you purchase this tracker dash cam.

It has a sensor that captures the details of a license plate. The G-sensor also keeps an eye on your vehicle in the parking lot and records all movements near your vehicle. The device supports USB and battery power which helps it when the engine stops.

The dash camera works best in all weather, unlike other models .the night vision mode enables you to record all events in areas with little or no light. So isn’t the best dash cam for truckers? Yes is it.


  • Has Sony Exmor Sensor
  • FHD 1080P recording
  • 150 Degree Wide Angle
  • G-Sensor
  • Parking Monitor
  • Loop Recording
  • 2.7-inch scratch resistant LCD screen
  • Extra long 157-inch USB cable
  • High-Definition
  • 30 Frames Per Second
  • 150 Degree Field of View

Supported IOS: None.

Color: Black.

Available on: Amazon

What We Liked Most

1. Excellent video quality.
2. Perfect size.
3. Easy to install and use.
4. Separate USB cable.

What We Didn’t Like

1. Product came with poor documentation.
2. Sometimes faces battery problem.

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4. Old-Shark 3″ Dash Cam

Old Shark Dash Cam


The Old Shark Dash Cam is a most popular dash cam for truckers.  The Old Shark Dash Camera is a must-have gadget for all motorist who value their safety on the road. It comes with quality features that make it the standout among the best dash cam for trackers. The camera captures all beautiful scenes as you ride, given its 170-degree field of view.

Be sure of capturing bright and sharp videos courtesy of its high resolution of 1080p. Drive stress-free at night as you document your cruise. The device has a built-in light which combines with external lights to record excellent videos in dark areas.

Other notable features of this camera include a G- sensor; loop recording and large LCD that enables you to watch your videos via HDMI.

Usage & Design:

The Old-Shark 1080P dash camera comes with a 32GB memory for saving the recorded files. It’s advisable to use micro SD cards of class 10 for efficient results. You can turn on the dash cam first before inserting or removing the memory card.

This procedure protects the saved files. The loop recording feature enables your camera to save video clips automatically and continuously. The cam overwrites the old unlocked videos once the memory card gets full. You can set the length of each video clip to run for 3, 5, or 10 minutes.

This device has all intelligent features that sense motion and accident automatically. You can set the sensitivity of the G-sensor to mid, high and low levels. The highly sensitive gravity sensor detects a crash or abrupt change in motion and locks the video recorded before the accident.


The WDR technology also enables the camera to capture the details of the license plate. Be sure of identifying the driver that hits you and speeds off using this highly-sensitive camera. Other intelligent features include parking monitor, vibration detection, motion detector, time stamp and instant playback.

Although the dash cam works well in all weather, you should remove it from your car during hot days to enhance its functionality. Overexposure to heat may damage the camera or affect its functioning. The trucker dash camera works for a maximum of 4 hours and has a voltage of either 12 or 24 volts. That means you have to use the power from the car when recording. The inbuilt battery functions well when preserved for emergencies and when the car stops.

When buying this device ensure the package has a car DVR recorder, 32 GB Micro SD Card, a car charger and a suction pump. Other parts of the package include a USB cable, user manual and USB adapter card.

Unlike other dash cameras, it’s easy to set up the Old-Shark 1080P camera. You only need to plug-in and play. The easy manual is easy to read and understand. Connect the suction pump according to the shape of the windshield.

You need to get the best out of your camera and therefore must take advantage of its extensive coverage feature to record as many things as possible. The trucker dash cam has a one year warranty.

Apart from the standard features found on almost all dash cams, the Old-Shark has the following unique features


  • Has an ultra-high HD resolution of 1920x 1080 p
  • Has wide angle lens that records quality HD video
  • Captures 170-degree wide angle
  • Has the loop recording functionality
  • Has an automatic built-in G- sensor
  • Timestamp and playback features
  • Has built-in IR light

Color: Black

Supported OS: None

Available on: Amazon

What We Liked Most

1. Different levels of zoom and sensitivity for the G-sensor are excellent.
2. Very sturdy. Camera dropped from the windshield multiple times but had no issues.
3. Excellent support team.

What We Didn’t Like

1. The suction mount was not good.
3. Many of complaints, manufacture defect.

5. WheelWitness HD PRO PLUS Premium Dash Cam

WheelWitness dash cam


This dash cam is one of the top trucker cameras that’s worth a mention in this guide. The dash camera is easy to install as it only requires you to plug-in and plays. The WheelWwitness HD PRO PLUS Premium dash cam requires you to insert the memory card, stick the suction cup and plug your camera into the source of power.

It powers on automatically when you start the vehicle and goes off when you switch off the engine. It turns into power saving mode that allows it detect any motion near the car when parked.

Usage & Design:

This dash cam comes with a Sony Exmor Sensor and quality 6-glass precision lens. These features enable it to record explicit videos both during the day and night. You should not worry about what happens to your truck when driving in a dark tunnel or at night.

The gadget has a full High Definition (HD) recording that works exceptionally both during the day and at night. There is a motion sensor in this camera that guarantees you a full record of everything happening on the road. The vast video screen displays your recordings making you record as you drive. Despite having a 3 inch LCD, this camera is compact and discreet.


One outstanding and unique feature of this camera is its ability to Zoom the videos during the recording. The on-the-fly-zoom function allows you to zoom four times while recording. This feature enables you to zoom the other car’s license plates even when driving at night. It protects you in the case of an accident or when being trailed by an enemy.

This camera has an emergency file lock that automatically locks files by sensing a crash or abrupt change in motion. You can also lock up your important videos manually to avoid them getting written over during looping. This feature requires you to press a button and save the video showing your memorable moments on the road.

The trucker dash cam is also compatible with Android Smartphone and iPhone (iOS) enabling you to transfer and share recordings to your phone. Alternatively, you can download and save them to the SD card and traditionally transfer the files.

The single demerit of this camera is that it only supports an SD card of up to 64 GB, unlike other trucker cameras with a limit of 128GB. Less memory space translates to few videos.

The company included a screen saver to help you save power. Although the gadget comes with a battery, you need to get a cigarette lighter for direct charging. You can use the USB port in case your truck lacks a cigarette lighter.


  • Super HD Sony Exmor Sensor
  • Six glass precision lens
  • On-the-fly zoom feature
  • High-Definition
  • Loop Recording
  • Accident Detection Feature
  • 16GB SD Card

Supported OS: Android, iOS

Color: Black

Available on: Amazon

What We Liked Most

1. Nice video quality which I like most.
2. Easy to install and use.
3. Excellent Customer Service.

What We Didn’t Like

1. High-price than others.
2. Not very sturdy.

Which is The Best Dash Cam for Truckers?

There are many models of truckers dash cam on the market today. The availability of many cameras gives you a chance of getting the best. It is imperative to consider the efficiency and convenience before buying one. Different models come at different rates.

Spending on one camera save you thousands of dollars you will use in the event of an accident. The best truckers dash cam features included in this guide should you before parting with your hard-earned cash. Remember nothing good comes by wishing. Make a step today and buy the best trucker dash cam.