Auto Vox X1 Review: Comes with Amazing Features

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3.9/5 on December 28, 2018

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1. Has a widescreen that covers the entire surface area of your mirror

2. Rear camera also functions as a backup camera

3. It is waterproof

4. Works well in dim locations


1. Parking mode is not buffered

2. Video card and hard wire kit not included


The Auto Vox X1 is a two-channel, hybrid dash cam that allows you to be able to limit the number of gadgets on your windshield or cameras car exterior.

If you prefer this, then this would be a good option to consider. There aren’t many two-channel dash cam options in the market so if hybrid is what you’re looking for, you aren’t really spoiled for choice.

Dashboard camera’s have grown in popularity since so many have helped authorities find culprits, held the same authorities accountable and recorded beautiful and amazing landscapes. With so many options in the market, deciding what to buy becomes a gruesome process for many.

Here, I will review one such camera, the auto vox X1 and help you make an informed decision in this dash cam flooded the market.

Build & Design

The auto vox X1 is designed with a large screen which covers the whole rear-view mirror. It is made to replace your vehicle’s factory made a mirror. It comes with adaptors for installation according to the make of your car.

The screen measures in with a 140-degree angle camera offer a clear picture of 720 megapixels for the backup option and, 1296 megapixels for the front camera. The video capability is 27.88 feet with a red reverse trigger line of 4.9 feet.

A car charger is included with your purchase and has a long cable of 11.5 feet. The actual size of the camera is 9.64 inches by 3.03 inches with a thickness of 0.59 inches. These dimensions show that it isn’t a bulky gadget. Due to a width of the camera, blind spots are reduced to practically zero.

auto vox x1


#1. Streaming: The auto vox X1 replaces the factory-made rear-view mirror. It should measure up to or surpass the visual quality of the current mirror. Due to its size, the picture tends to be clearer and produces a much wider field of vision.

#2. Night vision: This dash cam comes equipped with the Analog High Definition (AHD) technology. AHD is the feature that ensures the driver receives clear images at night or in dark places like underground garages. The auto vox X1 also uses light suppression that also adds to the clarity of the image produced.

#3. Warning system: This dash cam provides alerts while driving and veering into another lane. This is thanks to its Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS).

#4. G-sensor: When the vehicle faces any sort of impact, the G-sensor in the auto vox X1 locks in the image and saves it as an emergency video. This could be especially helpful when making insurance claims or providing evidence to the authorities. The G-sensor can be also be configured to detect impact at low, medium or high sensitivity according to your preference.

#5. Loop Recording: If the memory card is full, and you happen to be in an accident, the device will overwrite the oldest recording saved. Emergency videos cannot be automatically overwritten.


A micro Trans-Flash (TF) card with minimum space between 64 and 128 GB is recommended by the manufacturers. The TF card is not provided with the package and would need to be purchased separately. The backup camera can be connected to the back-reverse light allowing for sight while reversing and parking.

The dash cam is classified as a universal fit- i.e. it is made to be compatible with any vehicle make. However, I always advise purchasing from a seller with a refund or exchange policy; giving you some time to install and take it for a test run and see if it is compatible.


The auto vox X1 is generally easy to configure as it is designed to replace the actual rear-view mirror. Simply loop the silicone straps over the existing mirror.

The package also comes with adaptors made to be more universal and cater to different mirror designs. The GPS is designed to automatically set the time depending on your location and zone, but you can also set your own preferences as needed.

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Note that Worth: Is the Auto Vox X1 Worth Its Investment?

The auto vox X1 Alerts are displayed on the screen and are easy to miss if you weren’t looking at the rear-view mirror. The dash cam also comes with the capability to record events happening around your vehicle while it is parked.

However, you would need to hard-wire the camera ensuring that it is always powered and does not run out of charge. For this, you may need professional installation.