Ausdom a261 review: A Great Dash Cam For Your Vehicle

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3.9/5 on August 4, 2017

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  1. Very affordable despite its many features
  2. Small in size (records without being noticed)
  3. Unique and appealing design
  4. Full HD video recording both at night and during the day
  5. it has a Large screen for bright display of playback videos
  6. Has a functional GPS feature
  7. Accepts an SD card of up to 64 GB which enables it to record many videos


  1. it experiences problems with looping
  2. You need to download software to run most of its features


The Ausdom A261 is a different dash cam that comes with superior features such as a functional GPS and flawless videos.

With this camera, you can see the exact time and place where the recording took place. The gadget has an expandable memory which allows you to up to 64 GB using an SD card.

This camera saves you the trouble of identifying a rogue hit and run driver. It uses the Ambarella processor and a sensitive G-sensor to capture license number details of all vehicles within its broad range view.

The dash camera is easy to mount on your windscreen using the suction cup.


This ausdom a261 camcorder has a night vision feature that enables it to record excellent videos at night. You can mark out the faces of people in a playback recorded in a dark place. Apart from external surveillance, the camera comes with a swivel.

You can turn the pins to record anyone approaching the car. Another quality feature of this camera is its ability to record audio. The audio feature enables you to document encounters with rogue police officers or other road users.

The camera auto-starts when you start the engine but does not stop as with other models. It records continuously even after the vehicle stops. You can easily record any damage to your car when in the parking lot.

The G-sensor detects movement and any impact even when the car is not running. You can use the various video settings available to produce sharp pictures using this dash cam.

You don’t need to worry when someone borrows your car because it documents the whole journey. The GPS indicates the exact place and time when he rammed into another vehicle or attempted something stupid. This camcorder is undoubtedly one of the best inventions in the dash cam industry.

Design and Hardware

AUSDOM A261 Dash cam comes with a built-in GPS and a 2 inch TFT screen. The device has a microphone for audio recording and a Gravity Sensor that enables it to capture incidents automatically. You can fix it on your car’s dashboard or windshield depending on your preference. It’s small in size and therefore can’t hinder your vision when driving.

This gadget uses large lenses that allow the entry of extra light into the camera even in dark conditions. This feature compounded with its HDR results to bright videos and images during the night.

You can use your highest resolution when recording videos. The maximum resolution used with this camera is 1920 x1080 Pixels at 30F per second. Besides an inbuilt GPS, ausdom a261 dash cam has functional Google maps that add exact data.

You need not fret when your camera overwrites your clips or when your videos gate damaged. The file damage repair feature helps restore your file back to its original quality.

Even though the memory limit is small as compared to other modern cameras, this dash cam has a loop recording feature. This feature gives you more room to record your video. It overwrites the old videos thus providing space for new footage

The car camera allows you to view the footage through instant playback. However, it’s imperative to watch it on a big screen such as your PC or digital Television. You must install a GPS media player on your PC to view your recording plus the Metadata.

The process involves copying the videos to the computer before playing. The GPS media works well with windows 7 and 8 Operating Systems.

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ausdom a261 dash cam


Motion Detection: The Ausdom Dash cam A261comes with a motion detection feature which enables automatic record. The gadget documents all unexpected events that trigger movement. It’s highly-sensitive G- sensor detects motion even when the car is not running and activates the camera to start recording.

Automatic Power On: The camera powers on automatically when you launch the engine of your vehicle. You don’t need to set it up manually as is the case with other dash cams.

Parking Monitor: Are you the type that gets worried when you leave the car in the parking lot? That should not be the case with this dashboard camera. Any shaking or collision triggers the camcorder to start recording. You will get a clear footage of the car or person who hit or vandalized your car while parked.

Night Vision: One of the best technologies called Amarelle enables this camera to capture all details at night. It helps you identify the license number of the car that hit your side mirror and sped off. It gives you an extra assurance that someone is watching over you as you drive at night.

Loop Recording: It’s advisable to set your dash cam to record continuously. If it runs out of memory, it will continue recording using the loop feature. This feature allows the camera to delete oldest videos and replace them with the new footage. Additionally, it uses a high-speed card of up to 64 GB.

Wide Viewing Angle: This dash camera has a viewing angle of 130 degrees and different recording settings. It uses the GPS media player to play recorded files on the PC. You can buy this app from the AUSDOM website.

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ausdom a261 review

Download Software

Battery and Compatibility

The battery records well for a maximum of four hours. However, it’s advisable to use external power (preferably from the car) to record when driving. The battery comes handy during emergencies or when you park your vehicle. Ensure your package has the car charger and cable for continuous charging of the cam battery.

Is ausdom a261 Dash Cam Worth the Price?

This camera retails at a very affordable price as compared to others. Most of the cameras with these features sell three times more the value of the ausdom a261 dashboard camera. I will recommend this camera or any sober motorist who values his safety on the road.