9 Huge Advantages of Having a Car Dash Camera

Advantage of car dash camera

Over the past decade, dash cameras have become an attractive item to own and use. Drivers across the globe use the car dash camera. Most of the law enforcement agencies also have this type of camera installed in the vehicles. It... Read More »

Rexing S300 Review: Dash Cam Pro – I Recommend

With countless of models and brands available on the current market, finding the Rexing S300 dash cam pro can be a tiring task. Rexing S300 car dash camera is among one of the best models available. It is armed with tons of... Read More »

Z-EDGE S2 Review: Is It Best Hidden Dash Cam For You?

Z-EDGE S2 best hidden dash cam review

The best hidden dash cam are important since they provide various benefits in the vehicle. An example includes high-quality footage that can review for future purposes. Choosing a best hidden dash cam involves considering some... Read More »

Rexing V1 Review: A Wide Angle Dashboard Camera

Rexing V1 Dash Cam

This reason explains why it ranks among the most bought Rexing V1 dash cams on Amazon. The wedge shape of this device makes it easy to place it behind the mirror. It also gives excellent shots and clips during both the day and... Read More »

5 Best Front and Rear Dash Cams for Your Vehicle

best front and rear dash cam

Getting one of the best front and rear dash cam and is very important to all motorists who value their security while on roads. Our previous blog post of 5 best dash cam for truckers They also help you monitor what is going... Read More »